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How about Kimmy as a next character?

MightyWolfMightyWolf Posts: 1,194 Legend
Hi everyone,

If you did know Candy Crush Soda Saga will be 5 years old at Facebook global launch exactly on October 20th, 2014, and this is perfect time to bring Kimmy into Candy Crush Friends Saga!

What is Kimmy?

Kimmy is the main character in Candy Crush Soda Saga. She is a 10 year old young girl who sets out in the soda world to find her sister, Tiffi. She discovers what's out in the open world for her to discover...

Now, I have an awesome idea for her ability, how about...when you collect 12 cyan candies, she can damage any blocker with a big explosion!

And how about a first skin for her was called Kimmy the Ninja and I know that @Xarly will love this idea!

So what do you think about this? If you like these ideas... please vote it!

And if you have more ideas for this character, put it in the comments!

Have a great day!


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~ MightyWolf ~


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