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Jelly jam

Deby_SutcliffeDeby_Sutcliffe Posts: 14
just done the update on Jelly Jam and it won’t open after loading just goes back to the apps 

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  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 4,765 Superstar
    Hello @Deby_Sutcliffe, Hearty Welcome to the Candy Friends section of our friendly King Community :)  

    I am sorry to hear about the issue in your game!!  Can you please explain more about the issue?  

    What level are you on?  What device are you using to play the game?  What did you mean when you said "did the update on Jelly Jam"?  By any chance, did you take a picture?

    ** Please tap on "Type your Comment" box located below to write back.  Tap on "Attach Image" icon located in the tool-bar
    (a little farther to Emoticon) and select "Choose Files" to download the picture from your device. 

    Looking forward to see you again!  Have a nice day/evening!
  • Deby_SutcliffeDeby_Sutcliffe Posts: 14
    I had done the maximum level before the recent update please see attached I load the game the game loads but then the screen goes black see photos attached 
  • Deby_SutcliffeDeby_Sutcliffe Posts: 14
    Ok thanks unfortunately I can’t open the game to get the support 
  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 4,765 Superstar
    Hello again @Deby_Sutcliffe

    I have just sent you a private message.  You will see a Green Digit next to the Envelope Icon that is located in the top right corner of this screen =)

    Have a great day!
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