Meet our new Friend, Rachel!



  • mysticalmystymysticalmysty Posts: 13,187 Superstar
    @MightyWolf Nero will stay as my avatar for now πŸ˜‚

  • MightyWolfMightyWolf Posts: 1,340 Legend

    He is a beautiful cat and hopefully we will see him with Stella on 3D in Bubble Witch 4 Saga!

    Like think about that, a 3D Bubble Witch game! :blush:

    Give a feedback for special challenges of Candy Crush Friends Saga! πŸ‘‰ Here
  • MightyWolfMightyWolf Posts: 1,340 Legend

    Give a feedback for special challenges of Candy Crush Friends Saga! πŸ‘‰ Here
  • OgPogOgPog Posts: 5
    Counting down the sleeps till Rachel hereπŸ•—πŸ•£πŸ•˜πŸ•€
  • brie_wbrie_w Posts: 28 ✭✭
    Hi @QueenMia!  It seems I am not getting the event for Rachel.  Is there any way to change that?  She looks very cute would love the opportunity to earn her!  Thanks for getting back to me.
  • emm1emm1 Posts: 49 ✭✭
    I think she will have a paintbrush booster
  • K0607K0607 Posts: 11
    edited September 25

  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 5,917 Community Manager
    Hehe, you guys have a lot of imagination, I like that πŸ€— Only a few days to go to find out! Exciting!

    @brie_w - The teasing message does not appear to all players. That does not necessarily mean you won't get to play Rachel's event. You'll find out in 5 days πŸ˜‰

    @K0607, welcome to the Community! Please note we only speak English to make sure that everyone understand and is understood. Therefore, please use a translator to post in English from now on. Thank you very much for your understanding :star:

    Can't wait to have Rachel in the game, it's going to be fun, fun, fun! 

    happy shower GIF

    Have a great day everyone πŸ’

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  • MimiouMimiou Posts: 95 ✭✭✭
    Oh my god! I cannot wait!!! 😍
  • I want percy to come back. But a different ability!
  • Rachel power: with 12 green candy he will put one coloring candy on the board!
  • ElWiLLyElWiLLy Posts: 4
    Looks pretty B) 
  • MightyWolfMightyWolf Posts: 1,340 Legend

    Welcome to our best community and thank you very much for playing Candy Crush Friends Saga! <3


    Give a feedback for special challenges of Candy Crush Friends Saga! πŸ‘‰ Here
  • wafercookieflipperswafercookieflippers Posts: 2,793 Game Expert
    @bearwithme I love the idea of a flying saucer macaroon! That is the cutest thing ever! 😍😍😍
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