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It’s Rachel turn to speak

ElsaElsa Posts: 21,494 Superstar
edited October 7 in Candy Friends Stories

Rachel puts down her notebook and picks up the special candies that she plans to use.

“Well, I was told this by my creators,” Rachel says.  “If the player collects 12 green candies then I can throw my special rainbow candy on the board.  The player has to make a match next to the rainbow candy and depending which way they swipe it, 4 of the same candy colors will go in that direction.  But Elsa, our Superstar, told me that she already tried my power and found out if it’s swiped with a wrapped candy then 4 wrapped candies can be thrown in that direction.  She said that the same thing happens when swiping with a striped candy.”

Rachel is now very excited because she has all these new friends.  They are very sweet and helpful so she does not feel that she will have trouble helping the players.  Tiffi tells her that she will go with her the first couple of times to guide her through the process.  That really puts her mind at ease. 


They decide to get something to eat.  Rachel is getting a bit hungry, so she agrees to join them.  As they get ready to leave, Bubblegum Troll shows up.  He apologizes for being late but he was helping this one player who just couldn’t clear the level and he didn’t want to abandon her until she cleared the level.  Tiffi introduces Rachel to Bubblegum Hill and then suggests that they all go get something to eat and he could share his power with her then.


Let’s see what he has to say here.

If you arrived here, then you might want to start at the beginning of the story 


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