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Say hello to Rachel!

ElsaElsa Posts: 21,474 Superstar

The Candy Crush Friends Saga studio was extremely busy for the last couple of weeks.  The graphic artists were developing a new character.  Should it be a male or a female?  The level development team was creating an introduction for this character along with the power that they would develop.  The entire team was having meeting after meeting after meeting but finally it all came together.   So, we’d like to introduce you to Rachel the Raccoon.

She is a female raccoon and she was getting last minute instructions on what her power is and how she could use it.  She was given instructions that she would be travelling to Candy Town and once she arrived there, she would meet up with Tiffi who could guide her and explain to her how to use her power. 


Rachel is so excited and is now ready to hug and kiss her creators goodbye.


Let’s follow Rachel as she makes her way to Candy Town here.


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