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Where is Rachel?

ElsaElsa Posts: 21,533 Superstar
edited October 7 in Candy Friends Stories

He searches high and he searches low.  No Rachel?  Where could she be?  Maybe she is helping the players.  Hmmmm…….

“I wonder who I could call that might know where she is,” he says.  “I don’t really know all the friends here.  Maybe, Tiffi would know where she is.”

He picks up the phone and dials her number.   He has to go to work but maybe on the way to work he could stop by to give her the flowers and balloons.

“Hello, is Tiffi there please,” Rancid says.  “This is Rancid, and I need her help.”

Mr. Toffee had answered the phone and he tells Rancid that Tiffi had just left  with Rachel.  They are going to help some of the players and Tiffi wants to give Rachel the best strategies on how to use her power.  He tells Rancid where they are going.  Rancid thanks him and says goodbye. 

Let’s see if Rancid finds Rachel.  Following along here.

If you arrived here, then you might want to start at the beginning of the story


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