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Didn't get my map reward for completing a chapter.

wozziewoowozziewoo Posts: 150 Level 3
edited October 2019 in Support
I was just playing level 1840.  I passed the level.  I had earned a level reward, so as soon as I finished the level, the prize box showed up.  After getting the rewards for that, instead of going back to the map as usual & then receiving the map reward before moving onto the next chapter, like usual, the map just shifted & brought me to level 1841 without getting anything.  This is especially significant as I am currenty playing with a timed booster & only a few pieces away from another.  Had I received my map reward I would have most likely had 2 that I could play in tandem, instead of just the one.  It really sucks, because I used extra effort & a bunch of lollipops to beat the level, knowing this would happen.  (Activating the 2nd booster via map reward)  Honestly, even if this gets "fixed" most likely, the one I have will have run out & then I'll get the other 1 & only be able to use 1 at a time.

My game ID is 3103166343.
I'm currently playing on Windows 10.

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