(FINISHED) Win up to 50 Gold bars for Candy Crush Friends 1st Anniversary!



  • actressactress Posts: 112 ✭✭✭
    Thanks for all the fun King!
  • toukeetoukee Posts: 9
    Thanks for the great game!!!
  • cmfcmf Posts: 2
    I really like candy crush. I am in level 2876.
  • Pocahontas1Pocahontas1 Posts: 29
    I like friends way better the original Candy crush games that why i don't have Candy crush or candy crush jelly on my phone
  • cmfcmf Posts: 2
    What do I do to get my 50 bars?
  • JerryBonnieJerryBonnie Posts: 3
    Thanks to all, and  a Happy, Happy Birthday!  I'm so glad I get to play, such joy!
  • Leanne_S.Leanne_S. Posts: 7
    Happy 1 year Anniversary Candy Crush Friends!!
    Even though you are so full of love and sweetness already,  I'm sending you a million virtual chocolate kisses!!! Thanks for making my day less stressful and more fun!! And here's to many more anniversaries!!! Keep up the great work, King!!!
  • monnie11monnie11 Posts: 33 ✭✭
    Happy 1 Year Anniversary Candy Crush Friends!!💙💙
  • Tdcraig426Tdcraig426 Posts: 2
    Happy 1 year anniversary!

    Love playing,  but need friends to send lives. 
  • Pascale06Pascale06 Posts: 1
    Tapez votre commentaicoucou
  • groutgrout Posts: 2
    Happy birthday !!! 
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