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The BubbleGum Troll is back again! Give us your feedback here!



  • stramoniumstramonium Posts: 113 Level 3

    QueenMia I Shut down the program and also restarted the computer, Still BG T has  not come back.
    I am not a very technical person.
    I didn't save my game on King, before today, could that be why?
    Is it possible to restart the event for me? Or should I just forget it.
  • MightyWolfMightyWolf Posts: 1,712 Legend

    The Bubblegum Troll event is back... <3

    Thanks @QueenMia for fixing the issues for us! so now you can work with your team clean up the mess and get sweet rewards! ;)

    And here's some sweet rewards for everyone who miss the event for 3 days!

    2h Friendly Coloring Booster!
    2h Friendly Fish Booster!

    Good luck and have a great day!

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  • Foley1362Foley1362 Posts: 12,009 Superstar
    @stramonium - Log completely out of the game then Make sure you clear the cache and cookies on your ‘browser’ of the device you are using. Power it off and then back on. Let us know if that works!!

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  • tiffmomtiffmom Posts: 12 Level 2
    I’m working on the BGT challenge. I agree with goestoeleven, it’s hard when your team barely plays. 
  • stramoniumstramonium Posts: 113 Level 3

    Hi Foley1362

    No, it doesn't work. The only thing that happens is that I get a new daily package(and  the internet lost its memory). So still no BG T event.

    So now I just give the shit about it.
    This is not good for my peace of mind. 

  • brie_wbrie_w Posts: 34 Level 2

    Hi there.  It is still not there for me.  I have opened and closed the game a couple of times, done a force close of the app, played a few levels, as well as checking to see if there was an update in the app store.  Nothing.  As I had previously stated on October 15, I had gotten BGT challenge (this was on October 14) and was able to play a couple of levels and added 200 points to the team I was on and as a team we had achieved 240 stickers toward King BGT.  Then the next day Mr. Toffee pooped up and indicated I had achieved all the available costumes and there was no more BGT challenge.  As a side note, I had written to you about a different issue with about the Map Rewards and you very kindly sent me some boosters to make up for not getting them at the end of two different episodes - it was that day that the BGT challenge disappeared.  I do not know if you need me to send you another screen shot or if you need my User ID again, if so, let me know.

    Thanks for getting back to me when you can.
  • gr33n3y3zgr33n3y3z Posts: 3,213 Game Expert
    Bummer it's still not working for me either! I tried everything, I also play on my PC (if that matters). Oh well hopefully this pans out soon! o:)

  • flew66flew66 Posts: 2,220 Game Expert
    Thanks for fixing the issue. The BGT challenge is back on my Android App but still not available on Win10 app. I guess it will not be back for the PC players which is a bummer. >:)
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  • Sofia1992Sofia1992 Posts: 1,210 Game Expert
    Hey @QueenMia.
    You are truly an angel.
    Thanks to you and your team, the event came back in my phone again along with the stickers of BubbleGum Troll and the prizes and the team icon and also the BubbleGum in whole map too.

    And not only that. I've got and free boosters which helped me reach fast in level 212 now (those boosters helped me in my progress too in BubbleGum Troll event)

    And the free boosters from the prizes helped me too... (And I almost reached in my goal to get BubbleGum Troll) . As you noticed, I have 520/600 stickers so I need few more in order to get him.

    And finally, these new buddies helped me to reach in my goal. While I couldn't participate in event these 4 days cause of the issue, they helped me a lot while playing this event and look how close we are in our goal (i helped them too when the event came) .
    If you are one of them, then i would like to thank you for helping me to reach in my goal for getting BubbleGum Troll. Thank you whoever you are!
    Thank you! I really appreciate your help a lot. I would never succeed without your help.

    And also, a huge thank to all the community for supporting each other and helping QueenMia of course.
    With everyone's info for the issue of this event, QueenMia along with her team fixed the problem at last and she wouldn't succeed without our help so a huge congrats to all of us.

    And final, I hope everyone get this event soon.
    Don't lose your hope yet.
  • e_nemesis22e_nemesis22 Posts: 19 Level 2
    So nice that some of you guys get to play these new events, so far I haven’t been “selected” to play any of the last events (Olivia, Bubblegum, Rachel) while my husband who started to play way after me gets to play every single event. You guys say not to feel left out but how do you expect us not to when time and time again we are being left out! So frustrating! 
  • stramoniumstramonium Posts: 113 Level 3

    I have tried with the advice you have given, to log out and clear the cache and cookies on my browser. And it doesn't work, still no BG T event. The only thing that happens is that I get a new daily package(and  the internet lost its memory). 

    So now I'm taking a very long break from this game.
    This is not good for my peace of mind. 

  • m_eom_eo Posts: 15 New Bee
    Thanks @QueenMia, that last update yesterday did the trick! Troll and King Troll are now on my team. Yeah, t'was a long night for sure!  B)

    Although I have to admit, the team wasn't that much of a help, but maybe that's still to come. Can't everyone play a whole night. 

    And also thanks for the boosters, without them it wouldn't have been possible to run through like this. Was a lot of fun! 
  • Netherstar25Netherstar25 Posts: 1 New Bee
    Hey guys my bubbles gum troll event deleted windows 10 pc and you said it would be back but it isnt back... I have picture proof if you need it please get back to me and help try and fix this
  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 9,543 Community Manager
    edited October 2019
    Hi everyone,

    I hope you had a nice weekend! 

    Our apologies to those of you who play on Windows 10 - There seem to have been a small issue with that platform but it should be fixed shortly. The team has been working on it and the event should become available again in your game within the next few hours.

    We're sorry again for the inconvenience but you all can join the BGT event again.
    Thanks for your help on solving the issue, time and patience. You guys are great :star: 

    Have a great day🍒

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  • brie_wbrie_w Posts: 34 Level 2
    Hi @QueenMia.  I still do not have the BGT Challenge.  I opened the app - nothing.  I played four levels and finished an episode (no map reward either) and - nothing.  I did a force close - nothing.  I checked the app store for any updates to the game - nothing.  You'll recall - I hope - that I mentioned in a message I sent to you on October 14th that I had just gotten the BGT Challenge and so it is not as if I'm simply trying to get something I didn't already have access to in the first place.  So, I do not know what else I can do on my end to rectify this situation.  I'm not sure what disappoints me more, not getting the new costume for the BGT or the fact that I've missed out on all the boosters from, not just, each Bubblegum level reward, but also, from the team rewards.

    Anyway, thanks for trying.  Consider me truly bummed.
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