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Analysis, Theories and facts about our favorite Candy Crush Characters - Mr.Yeti (Part 2)

Sofia1992Sofia1992 Posts: 920 Game Expert
Hello everyone. Yes, I know that I have a whole month so to finish the tribute about Mr.Yeti so, I'm sorry about this but I was very very busy this month.
Anyway, without many words, let's get start the second part of our special Analysis, Theories and facts about our favorite to all Mr.Yeti.

Before to find out more about Mr.Yeti's roles in every Candy Crush Game (since he appeared in all Candy Crush Series) , let's start with a small story on how he ended up in Candy Kingdom and how he met Mr.Toffee who is best friend with him until today.

'Once upon a time, in a neighborhood somewhere in real world, in a big house there was a family with two kids. Somewhere, in a corner of this house and actually in the corner of the kids bedroom, there was a game called Yeti's Trap.
There was a big Yeti who was called Mr.Yeti and lived with his small other yetis in this game. But unfortunately, they weren't all alone and I will tell you why. Cause in the game, expect from Yetis, there were and hunters. Yes, human hunters and the propose of their life was one. To chase down Mr.Yeti and the other Yetis for their fur and not only this happened in the game but unfortunately, it happened and when the game ended.
The other Yeti used to run away from the hunters but sometimes, they got trapped from hunters but Mr.Yeti was always there to protect the little Yetis and put the hunters in their position, no matter what. But hunters were oh so stubborn and continue to put even more evil traps everywhere in the room so to trap poor little Yetis with any cost. But no matter what, Mr.Yeti with the help of Ninja Yetis always found where the other Yetis were and always helped little Yetis to escape from hunters.

As I said earlier, life was so monotone for Mr.Yeti and it was so hard for him to relax even and a second. Every night before he fell asleep, he watched out of the window on kid's bedroom and as he watched the stars in the sky, he always made the same wish. To find a safe home so he and his small Yeti friends to live in peace and far away from those hunters.
And guess what...Mr.Yeti's wish one day finally came true. One morning, the kids and their family went in school and their jobs, Mr.Yeti woke up and thought that it will gonna be another usual day of endless chasing from those hunters. As he woke up and tried to wake up and the other Yetis too, suddenly a big blue portal appeared in the front of him. The blue portal started to suck all the Yetis along and Mr.Yeti inside it. Hearing the shouts from the Yetis and the noise that blue portal made, hunters woke up too but until they react, the portal had already been closed.

They started to fell though the portal and all the Yetis in the end fell into a huge soda lake. 
As they started to swim out of the lake and Mr.Yeti made sure that all the Yetis were fine, he looked around with curiosity about the new place.
Yes, he ended up in Candy Kingdom where everything were made of sweets and candies all the way. The little Yetis found a path next to the lake so Mr.Yeti started to walk all the way along with the other Yetis in that new place and wondering where this path will lead them.
As they started to walk, they started to feel hungry along with Mr.Yeti too. As they wondered what they will gonna eat, suddenly they noticed a big tree with chocolate truffles on them . The other Yetis felt exactly and started to eat them while Mr.Yeti wasn't very sure if he should try or not. But Jenny who was Mr.Yeti's niece gave him a choclate truffle and told him to try it cause it was very tasty. Mr.Yeti tried it and what else to say that he actually loved it oh-so much.
And it was the first time that he tried chocolate in his life and he wanted to try more so he went in this tree and started to eat more and more from those chocolate truffles.
After all this eating, he and his Yeti buddies started to fall asleep under the big chocolate tree, feeling happy and so calm that they could finally rest and not to think about those hunters anymore.

Anyway, few meters far a little, there was Mr.Toffee who went towards to that chocolate tree so to collect chocolate truffles. But as he got closer, he noticed that chocolate truffles from the chocolate tree are gone cause Mr.Yeti along with his little Yeti buddies ate them all.
Mr.Toffee looked at Mr.Yeti with big surprise since he has never seen a real Yeti in his life and with a stick, he started to poke Mr.Yeti's arm so to wake him up.
Mr.Yeti didn't wake up but Mr.Toffee continued to poke all Mr.Yeti's body and shouted at him to wake up.
So, after few tries, Mr.Yeti woke up with sudden moves and looked at Mr.Toffee with curious look as Mr.Toffee looked at him with even more surprise that before.
After few minutes of pause, Mr.Yeti told him not to be afraid of him cause he wouldn't harm him and asked Mr.Toffee his name and what this place was. Mr.Toffee still tried to recover from the shock, he introduced himself to Mr.Yeti and he told him that he was in Candy Kingdom, the land with every kind of sweets.

After, Mr.Toffee asked him what exactly he was doing in this world, so Mr.Yeti told him the stories about the world that he used to live along with his Yeti buddies, the hunters that they chased them down everyday and how they ended up in this world. Mr.Toffee felt sad after hearing Mr.Yeti's story and since he noticed that Mr.Yeti loved chocolate, he asked to show him the perfect place for him and for his little Yeti buddies.
And there was not other perfect place for those Yetis to live than Chocolate Mountains. Exactly! Mountains with every kind of chocolate in their hills along with vanilla snowflakes to cover their tops. Mr.Yeti became so happy for finding a very sweet and relaxing place, perfect for him and for the Yetis on this land andnd from that day, Mr.Toffee and Mr.Yeti became best friends forever!
That's how the story ends. Did you like it? After that it's time to say few things for Mr.Yeti's roles in all Candy Crush Games:
1) In Candy Crush Saga, Tiffi met him first in his home in Chocolate Mountains. Between the path of Candy Town and Chocolate Mountains, Mr.Yeti was sleeping so Tiffi decide to wake him up (Yes, in CCS we will see Mr.Yeti to sleep the most times) cause as we all know Mr.Yeti loves to sleep alot. Also, he loves to bake cakes and pies as we will gonna from the episode 'Pastry Peaks' and from mobile event 'Tasty Mission' .

2) In Candy Crush Soda Saga, Kimmy this time met Mr.Yeti in Candy Town. Mr.Yeti got very worried about Tiffi and since Tiffi and Mr.Yeti are best friends, he decided to search for her in whole Candy Town while Kimmy would searched in whole Candy Kingdom in order to find her lil sis.
Also, we met him and in episode 'Jellylicious Mountain' as he started to climb in that Mountain in order to stop Jelly Queen from jellify everyone in Candy Kingdom.

3)In Candy Crush Jelly Saga, Jelly Queen found out that Mr.Yeti wanted to mess her plans so she decided to jellify him and kindnapped him up in Candy Clouds. It's up to Jenny to rescue him.

4)In Candy Crush Friends Saga, Mr.Yeti is one of the playable characters who can help all the players with his new power and also, he wants to free the animals who got stuck in jelly.

With few words, Mr.Yeti had the biggest role in all Candy Crush Games and that's one of the reason why everyone from this community like him so much.

That's all.
In the next part, we will talk about Mr.Yeti's outfits in CCFS.


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