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Help for Low Vision Players Section Addition

ShannaSkywolfShannaSkywolf Posts: 714 Level 3
edited January 2021 in Ideas Archive

Hi King Community!

 I am a fellow Candy Crush Friends Saga player who lives with a disability of legal blindness. Playing games like candy crush are vital for improving the functionally of my decreased visual field.  As I have roamed the community boards, I have found that there are many players who have various vision issues. and play for similar reasons.

I would like to propose that a “Help for Low Vision Players” section be added as a permanent addition to the King community boards.  The section would feature:

  • ·         A section on how to play king games with low vision.
  • ·        A section on useful low vision aids and where to purchase them
  • ·        A section on gaining assistance purchasing low vision aids
  • ·        A section for low vision support where players can ask questions about low vision

Please review my attached example for the full version , the post would not let me copy paste all of it. I have added the photos for the sections below.

·         (Section 1:)

How to Play King Games with Low Vision

PC Players and Low vision

Are you struggling to see the game board on your PC? King has you covered! Gain the clarity you need by using a full screen magnifier! Windows 10 offers a free full screen magnifier that is perfect for all of your low vision needs!

(Full demo/instructions for Win. 10 can be added. I am just featuring the below pictures for voting purposes)

Without Magnification

With Magnification:

The full-screen magnifier also has a hovering lens option that is super awesome! 

Tablet and Phone Players and Low Vision:

Are you struggling to see the game board on your phone or tablet? King has you covered!

Gain visual clarity by using a CCTV/ Electronic Magnifier!

(Please be advised that King is not affiliated with Enhanced Vision or Samsung and their products and is only offering this information for supportive purposes only).

Without CCTV




The CCTV allows one to magnify any object and one can increase the size as needed by using the up and down buttons on the overhanging camera. Technology is awesome!!!

·        (Section 2)

Low Vision Aids and Where to Purchase Them:

Are you in need of some low vision aids? King has you covered!  

Magnifiers: https://www.maxiaids.com/magnifiers

CCTVS: https://www.maxiaids.com/search?q=CCTV

(Please see attachment for the full list)

·         (Section 3)

Low Vision Aids and Assistance:

Are you interested in our featured low vision aids but find you need assistance in obtaining them? King has you covered. 

Division of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) which is now a part of The Workforce Commission and Health and Human Services can evaluate your needs as a low vision candidate and offer assistance in the purchase of low vision aids. You must set up an appointment and undergo and vision assessment in order to be considered as a consumer. This may take some time, but please know it is well worth it!

Info on Health and Human Services and low vision assistance:


(Please see attachment for full list )

·       (Section 4 )

Low Vision Support

A place for low vision support where players can ask questions about low vision

King community, thank you for considering my proposal! Please comment, vote, and share this with your friends! 💗

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