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Kimmy comes home

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Tiffi wakes up bright and early the next morning as she gets ready for her sister’s visit.

“Dad, Kimmy is coming for a visit today,” says Tiffi. “I spoke to her yesterday and we were talking about the first signs of spring. I asked her if she wants to come visit with us for a few days and she said yes. I want to go with her through the town to see all of Mother Nature’s beauty. She should be here in a couple of hours.”

Mr. Toffee is happy to hear that his other daughter will be coming to spend a few days with them. Perhaps Kimmy can stay with them until Easter. 

Tiffi waves goodbye to her father as she runs out of the house. She is so excited and can’t wait to see her sister.

She gets there just in time to see her sister arriving. Kimmy gets out of the boat and she docks it in a safe area. The two of them head home but stop along the way so that Kimmy can say hello to her father.

“Hi Dad,” Kimmy says. “I’ve got a HUGE hug and kiss for you. It’s great seeing you and I think I might hang out with the two of you until Easter, if that’s ok with you.”

Mr. Toffee would never say no to either of his two girls. He gives them some Swedish fishies to take home for dinner and says that he should be home on time.

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