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Sweet streak bug

Karen_ApplinKaren_Applin Posts: 2 New Bee

I am getting the sweet streak but it is then crashing the game so I cannot move anything on the screen. It has happened twice now. The only way to resolve it is to leave the game....and lose the sweet streak. Really annoying now I am on a hard level!

Best Answer


  • stan1981stan1981 Posts: 3,120 Legend

    U on phone? Try restart phone to see whether does it work... and do u have more than 2GB of memory left?

  • Karen_ApplinKaren_Applin Posts: 2 New Bee

    I have lots of memory. It seems to have sorted itself out now, before I saw your comment to reboot. It must have just been those 3 levels. Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate you taking the time.

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