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Analysis, Theories and facts about our favorite Candy Crush Characters - Nutcracker (Part 4A)

Sofia1992Sofia1992 Posts: 1,204 Game Expert

Hi everyone. Welcome to 'Analysis, Theories and facts about our favorite Candy Crush Characters.

Well, the time that all of you waited has finally come. To analyze Nutcracker's outfits in CCFS. So, let's begin!!!

As we know , Nutcracker has the most fabulous outfits in whole game and he has 13 outfits in total (actually 9 and if you put and his original soldier uniform 10 plus the 3 ones from the achievements...13 in total) . Yes, he is the only character who has so many outfits. Wow!

As I said, every one of his outfits are unique, wonderful and very very special...and the victory dances of every one of his outfits plus the skills of each one, are so amazing and great like him (seriously, Nutcracker should become dancer. His victory dances are based on some kind of dances.)

So, let's analyze them and let's analyze first, his outfits from the game (The first six outfits that I will gonna analyse them below , you can earn them from daily gifts...and one of them appeared in a certain update only. You will understand soon. Anyway, in order to get those six outfits, you must collect enough stickers of them and they will be yours!

And don't forget that I will gonna mention and Nutcracker's three extra colorful outfits which you can earn them from achievements only.)

Nutcracker--> 20 stickers and if you go right, you will get him at level 25

Nutcracker as everyone will gonna notice, he wears his special soldier uniform and he is ready to serve the country (ehhh....I meant to help everyone around in Candy Kingdom)

Also, don't forget to mention that Nutcracker's original soldier uniform has 3 extra colors. Silver, Gold and Rainbow. And how to get them? Easy!

After opening Challenge Mode/Achievements (you can unlock it after passing few levels and making progress in the game), you can get silver, gold, and rainbow costumes.

* Be sure to open the collection screen when silver or gold costumes are released. (If you do not get it on the collection screen, you can not challenge the next costume.)

Silver costume-->Use the Nutcracker's skill 50 times

Golden costume-->Use the Nutcracker to clear the stage and collect 15 stars

Rainbow costume-->Complete 5 consecutive stages using the Nutcracker

Special Move Animation:

Pulls out his trumpet and excitedly awaits for his candy to be colleted so he can blow it and hit the board with a trumpet blast

Victory Dance:

Pumps his fists like playing drums then punches his fist into the air like a hurray.

Squirrel-->50 stickers

Squirrel is the first Nutcracker's outfit that you will unlock in the game.

My opinion is that Squirrel Nutcracker is adorable and fluffy. I don't know why but when I play with Squirrel Nutcracker, I want to pat his head or his stomach or to hug him and hug his fluffy tail (and between us, I love his victory dance which is ballet with this costume. So wonderful and entertaining at the same time) .

Costume's Variety: Rare (***)

Special Move Animation:

Squirrel Nutcracker pulls out a giant acorn and proudly holds it wagging his tail as he wait for you to finish collecting his candy. When you do he does a spin tossing the acorn to the board.

Victory Dance: A ballet dance is how Squirrel nutcracker celebrates.

Skeleton-->100 stickers

Skeleton is the second Nutcracker's outfit.

My opinion is that this Nutcracker's outfit is neutral for me. Well, I tried it once but to be honest, I prefer to use it in Halloween only. I think for that case, Skeleton Nutcracker is fine.

Costume's Variety: Rare (***)

Special Move Animation:

When there are 3 candies left to collect the Skeleton Nutcracker pulls out 2 bones that have an aura about them and gets ready to throw... which he does when his candy meter is full.

Victory Dance: He does the same dance as with no costume which like a hip hip hurray fist pump into the air.

Robot-->200 stickers

Robot Nutcracker is really powerful. His powerful energy ball can smash the blockers faster. 

Also, I love how he gathers all his energy and after he unleashed it in the panel. So strong and so dynamic, Robot Nutcracker saved me alot of times so I own him so much.

Costume's Variety: Rare (***)

Special Move Animation: Nutcracker Robot will turn his shoulder in while he gathers energy waiting for his candy. When ready he jumps into the air and spins like a top releasing the energy towards the board.

Victory Dance: Breakdancing floor spins is how he celebrates finishing the level.

Gentleman-->200 stickers

So perfect, and gentle and even more elegant and sweet just like Nutcracker's personality, Gentleman Nutcracker is another perfect outfit. It's just wonderful and dynamic at the same time and I really love the animation of this costume. Seriously, I feel so calm when I look at him....seriously, very very calm somehow and even if I lost a level with Gentleman Nutcracker, still I feel calm. Anyway, still it's a perfect one and I love how he tosses his coin at the panel and hitting 5-6 blockers in a row. Nice one!

Costume's Variety: Epic (****)

Special Move Animation: In his Gentleman costume the nutcracker pulls a coin from his pocket and repeatedly tosses it with his thumb and catches it while waiting. Once his meter is full he tips his top hat and tosses the coin at the board.

Victory Dance: As a gentleman the Nutcracker likes to tap dance.

And now...we will talk for a special outfit which appeared in April Fool's Day 2019 and everyone thought that it wasn't real. But check it though!

Exactly! This one! Nutcracker who is dressed as Mr.Toffee and don't ask me why! Anyway...

Nutcracker as Mr.Toffee-->100 stickers

Costume's Variety: Rare (***)

Special Move Animation:

The Nutcracker will take off his Mr. Toffee fake mustache and wave it around until his candy meter is full. He then tosses the mushtache to the board.

Victory Dance: Mr. Toffee kicks and pumps it in his dance.

Ok...In the next part of this tribute, we will gonna analyze the last four Nutcracker's outfits from special events!



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