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Tiffi and her friends go on a scavenger hunt

ElsaElsa Posts: 30,867 Superstar
edited April 2020 in Candy Friends Stories

Rumor have been spreading in the community that something is going to happen on 1 May. Tiffi doesn’t like surprises. She gets very curious and gets the need-to-know feeling. Who can she call to find out what it is? 

Should she call Elsa? She might be writing another story. 

What about @Lola_Pop ? She’s been very active in the community so she might be planning something. Tiffi sends her a PM but being in lockdown with the Corona Virus might be keeping her even more busy as she tries to work from home. She might not be able to respond the same day. 

She has heard that @Elsa and @debrichmond have been sharing a lot of PMs lately. I bet they have their head into something. Tiffi can’t handle the mystery so she calls Elsa to see if she knows what’s going on. 

“Elsa are you writing another story?” questions Tiffi. “There are rumors spreading in the community that something is going to happen on 1 May. Do you know what it can be?” 

Elsa loves her little friend Tiffi and she knows that if she shares something with her it will remain with her. 

“Yes Tiffi, something is going to happen on 1 May,” Elsa says. “If I tell you then you have to keep it to yourself ok? There is going to be a contest and the players will have to read my new story called ‘What is May Day?’ to find the clues. The contest is based on a scavenger hunt with 12 clues. These clues will be spread throughout the community. It will begin with an announcement ‘April Showers Bring May Flowers That Hide Secrets That Many Desire’. The players will be given a hint and an image to figure out where the next clue will be. I will send you the copy of the announcement but please don’t share it with anyone in the community.”  

Tiffi gets the announcement and reads it. She is going to call Kimmy, Jenny, King Chewy, Odus, Misty, Rachel, Dachs, Red Rabbit, Yeti, Jelly Queen and the twins to see if they want to do the scavenger hunt with her.  

Let’s continue with the next part of our story - Tiffi assigns the clues

There is a contest connected with this story. If you have not found the link for the contest yet, please follow this link: April Showers Bring May Flowers That Hide Secrets That Many Desire

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