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Horses of Healing

ElsaElsa Posts: 28,214 Superstar
edited May 25 in Candy Friends Stories

‘Unicorns are perhaps most notable for their horns, usually portrayed as straight, spiraling single horns. These give them their name, which literally means one horn. The horns are said to have magical powers. Many stories suggest that touching a unicorn’s horn will bring healing or good fortune.’

Tiffi stops for a moment to think about Misty’s horn. She will have to ask her if her horn is magical. She goes back to the article because it’s getting late and she will have to turn the computer off soon.

‘In the past, many wealthy people sought to buy unicorn horns to extend their lives or give themselves protection from bad luck. As said by Mythology.net, most of these horns actually belonged to rhinoceros or narwhals, but the nobility coveted them and paid high prices to own one. I am not sure that anyone now would want to buy a rhinoceros horn instead of the pearly one we all associate with unicorns!

Hairs from unicorn manes and tails were often used in healing potions. In the much-beloved Harry Potter series, unicorn hairs were one of three powerful wand cores, and unicorn blood could prolong life.’ (Info here)

Let’s continue to the next part – A New Coat of Color – Rainbow Unicorn

Start at the beginning - Do NOT call her a horse!

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