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Misty remembers Soda World

ElsaElsa Posts: 28,112 Superstar
edited May 25 in Candy Friends Stories

The girls are thirsty, so they take a break. Tiffi tells Misty that she is going across the street to get a bottle of water and asks if she would like anything. Misty thanks her but says that she’s fine.

Misty is enjoying the sun and warm weather. It’s about time that it warmed up since it’s almost the end of May. 

Suddenly this memory pops into her head. She remembers being in Soda World and the studio created a carousel with figurines that looked just like her.

“I know that everyone loves a merry-go-round,” Misty thinks. “No one ever wants to get off, but I was getting dizzy going around and round and round and it wouldn’t end.”

Misty is starting to feel tired as she lets out a loud yawn. She sees Tiffi heading back in her direction. Maybe she will just stay a bit longer and then she has to head on home.

Let’s continue to the next part – Misty remembers what Cupcake Carl did to her

Start at the beginning - Do NOT call her a horse!

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