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Let’s celebrate Father’s Day 2020

ElsaElsa Posts: 28,558 Superstar

Many years ago, Tiffi and Kimmy fell into Candy Town from a faraway world. If you would like to read how it all began then please take a few minutes to read that story here.  


They can’t remember a father in their lives. Their mother died when they were very young, and their Aunt Tilde took them in. Until the day that they ended up in the Candy Kingdom where they met Mr. Toffee. If you ask him how he ended up with the girls he will tell you that it was the happiest day of his life when he found them. He took them into his home and became their adopted father.  Tiffi remained living with him in Candy Town; however, Kimmy moved to Soda World. That never stopped Kimmy from coming home to spend a few days with her sister and father.  

Let’s continue with the next part of the story - Father’s Day is around the corner!

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