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Friends’ Got Talent

ElsaElsa Posts: 29,195 Superstar

One day and not too long ago, Elsa, our King storyteller, decides that she needs to write a different type of story. She remembers someone in the community mentioning the title “King’s Got Talent” and it’s been on her mind since then. She decides to call Tiffi to ask her for help. 

“Hey Tiffi, how are you doing?” asks Elsa. “How are you enjoying the summer? I hope that no one has caught the COVID-19 virus. It’s real nasty! The reason why I am calling you today, besides saying hi, is to ask you for help in getting a new story together. Have you ever watched the popular Got Talent TV show? It’s a pretty cool show and they now have it in several countries. So, I was thinking that maybe it’s time for us to write a story about our talented characters? What do you think? I came up with a great name for it too!

Tiffi thinks the world of Elsa and feels so honored whenever she asks for her help. 

“Yes, I’ve seen that talent show,” says Tiffi. “It’s pretty cool and some of that talent is unbelievable. I am not too fond of people thinking that their dogs are talented because they are trained to jump through a hoop. Did you see the American show this season? This one guy has trained his pig.”

Tiffi shakes her head with disbelief. She really needs to understand how some people take a lot of pride in training their pets. Guess it’s like having your own children and training them to do tricks! Elsa thinks that it’s really cute that they are able to train them. 

“What do you need from me?” questions Tiffi. “Do you need a list of all our characters and their talents? How about I do a Google search first to see what types of talent these shows look for. I can also call everyone to find out if they’d like to participate in this contest.” 

Perfect! The girls make plans to talk again in a couple of days. 

Let’s continue - Tiffi does some Googling

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