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The sun is shining bright, its rays heating up the atmosphere. It is like over 90 degrees outside; the perfect time to do a variety of activities like going to the beach, eat ice cream, and stuff like that. Everyone loves going to the beach. They can relax in the sun, give themselves the perfect tan, go for a swim in the ocean and splashing each other, and even be buried in the sand up to their face!

It has been 4 months since Tiffi and Nutcracker’s date. She wanted to spend some time with him for the summer. So she called him and asked him if he wants to go to the beach with her and obviously, he said yes. Tiffi also wanted to invite her friends over and ask them what they want to do for the summer. She wants to enjoy a perfect day at the beach along with all her friends, with all the sun, sand, and sea to play in.

She called Yeti first. “Hey Yeti. Me and Nutcracker were going to have a good time at the beach for the weekend. Would you like to join us?“ She knew he loves to swim in the water and splashing everyone around him.

“Oh yeah! Nothing beats a hot summer without a cold dip in the ocean! I’m in!”

”Oh goodie!” Tiffi says. “Well then, let’s start packing and see you at the crack o’ dawn. Bye!” And then she called Misty and Odus and they said yes too.

She called everyone else: Red Rabbit, Rachel, Olivia, Dachs, Bubblegum Troll, and Jelly Queen. They all agreed to join in. Tiffi is so excited that everyone wants to join! She decided to pack up everything she needed: bathing suit, sunscreen, an extra change of clothes, sunglasses, a bottle of water, and flip-flops. Nutcracker did the same too, with a beach ball, a floatie, and a blanket to lay down on.

Tiffi then told her father, Mr. Toffee, that she and her friends are going to the beach tomorrow for the weekend and won't be helping him in the candy shop. Mr. Toffee agrees and tells her to be careful. The sun's rays can be harmful and can cause a painful sunburn if sunscreen isn't applied. The water looks fun to play in but it is dangerous to go in alone and/or go too far out in the open ocean. Several people, many of them children, have drowned because they never knew how to swim and they are not supervised while in the water. Tiffi understood the hazards and risks and promises to keep herself and her friends safe. She wanted to have the best summer ever with all her best friends and she will not let anything ruin it.

She then went back upstairs to double-check that she has everything packed and ready to go. She brushes her teeth and puts on her pajamas and gets ready to sleep. Tomorrow will be the best day ever! she thought as she slept soundly. Best day of my life!

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