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POLL! Which jam do you prefer - RED or PURPLE? 🤔

little_kay Posts: 378 Level 3

I'd like to ask you guys whether you like RED or PURPLE jam! I personally prefer red, as it stays in one place and doesn't bounce around like the purple, so I'd know what to expect.

Vote below and don't forget to comment your thoughts!! also check out my storytime game (each person comments a line to create a story) check it out here!

POLL! Which jam do you prefer - RED or PURPLE? 🤔 48 votes

QueenMiaDiamond_Limkiara_waeldananelleYorben_GoereebearwithmeSpinnifixAshraftininha1975Sofia1992BQN537RobinCortewbh_ceciliaElennaMarzia333mouris33LoveDachsMountainMomlittle_kaySBH 32 votes
[Deleted User]Glenn1972firebombmarkusflew66KingChewylemcblNikhil_Kakdesudha_kakdegr33n3y3zLaurenmlhLaVacaRosadakavidinaNix66CamiloCSMollyMollsmoonlily 16 votes


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