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Purple Profile

little_kay Posts: 378 Level 3

Hello everyone! This is just a minor issue - it's not anything that's affecting my playing.

However, I'd like to ask to see if anyone else in the community is having this issue and see what we have in common to try to solve it.

Recently, my profile has been showing purple - here's are some screenshots:

However, after a few moments or when I restart my game, it looks like how it should be:

Is there a reason behind this? It doesn't affect me in any way but I was just curious. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Thanks so much!

Best Answer

  • PummyRaj
    PummyRaj Posts: 23,899 Candy Moderator
    Answer βœ“

    Hello @little_kay Hope you are had a great weekend πŸ€—

    I did see that "purple block" as my profile picture few times, but, it is on my iPad though.

    The only reason I have noticed for my Avatar to appear like that is when I have slow internet. Once, it has full bars, then it is back to normal.

    Just like how we see a "silhouette" instead of our Avatar - when we do not have internet connection, it is just the same (for me at least).

    Since it does not affect your game play in anyway, I would just ignore it and enjoy my game. Please do post back if it is affecting your game, so that we can report it to the game In-charge team.

    Hope this made sense and clarifies.

    Keep having fun in your game(s). Have a wonderful week ahead 🍭 🍭


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