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What about adding Ruby, Montie or Misty✨ we need some lovely cats 😸😻😼 in this world of sweets 🍬

AshrafAshraf Posts: 7,540 Legend
edited October 21 in Ideas

🔸Welcome my dear friends, the game players ✨🌹✨

🔹What do you think of adding one of those beautiful characters from the game Shuffle Cats to our game Candy Crush Friends Saga,

🔸because their shape as wonderful cats and I think we need some cats in this world of sweets😸😽😻😼

🔷 Ruby 😻💕

🔷 Montie 😸💕

🔷 Misty 😽💕

🔸Please vote yes ✅⬆️😻

🔹And if you would kindly tell me what you think of the idea and which cats you choose in a comment here.

🔶And perhaps as a compromise .. they can add one character from those cats, and in changing their costumes, the cat turns into another character... 😁

And after you support my idea and vote yes, please vote for @DeepshikhaSharan 's idea by adding Walter to the game... Here

25 votes

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