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Analysis, Theories and facts about our favorite Candy Crush Characters - BubbleGum Troll (Part 2)

Sofia1992 Posts: 2,526 Level 5

BubbleGum Troll's Appearance in Events on CCS

Yes! Except from original levels of CCS, BGT appears and in some special events on CCS.

The first one is Up for a challenge which a special edition of Cake Climb. If you fail or exit, you will slide down to the first level. Exiting the level before making the first move, however, will not cause you to slide down.

  • This event is repeatable.
  • Unlike other Cake Climb variant events, all of the levels in this event are shown as hexagon-shaped.
  • In the 6-level variant of version 1.80, these levels are shown with skull icons.
  • The levels are not much harder than those in common Cake Climb events. The levels you will get is often not hexagonal, and frequently easy.

The second one is Tiffi and the Beanstalk. 

In that event, Tiffi climbs in the Beanstalk along with the players and try to collect the rewards which are hidden in those red beans. But one of those beans, BGT is hidden and if the player made the mistake and choose the bean with BGT in it, you will lose your rewards unless if you get them back with gold bars.

Catch that Troll !

A new special event in CCS which BGT stole candies from everyone in Candy kingdom. So, it's up to us the player to catch him before he escapes. All we have to do is to reach in the level where BGT is and ta-da, we caught him!

Save Candy Town!

Another new brand event in CCS. If you played Candy Crush Tales, you will know the evil witch Pretzella who this time, she used all her magic powers and created a powerful tornado from salt which is called Saltnado. She sent Saltnado towards to Candy Kingdom and crystallized everything. Tiffi as usual and with the help of her friends needs to find sweetonium and save the day BUT...somewhere in the corner, BGT is there and I have a feeling that he will try to stop Tiffi and MAYBE he might try to steal that sweetonium from her. Hmmm... Maybe I have right...or maybe not!

BubbleGum Troll's Role in CCSS

That's right! BGT appears in CCSS too!

In CCSS, he often plays an antagonizing role in storylines, often for amusement and he appears in five episodes.

In the 22nd (levels 301-315), he appears as a secretary in the soda library and he tells Kimmy to hurry up and meet with the Factory Manager ahead!

In the 71st episode (levels 1166-1180), he performs as Valkyries goddess on the stage in the soda theatre. He sings about Kimmy in , prepare to be astonished by his epic stage outfit and he is so happy that Kimmy and Tiffi are reunited at last but he warns Kimmy to be careful of Jiggly Queen who is noone else than Jelly Queen. That's right! Except from Mr.Yeti, BGT knew Jelly Queen's arrival in Candy Kingdom and despite of his decent friendship with Kimmy, he still warns her for good.

In the 103rd episode (levels 1646-1660) , he hosts in the Candy Crush show and inthe 108th episode,  he, who becomes a witch, brings a poison apple to Princess while she is making a bear-cream cake.

BubbleGum Hill Event in CCSS

To enter Bubblegum hill, click the "Earn Crown" button. The player will see all 5 levels and a treasure outside the cake castle. The mission of all the players is to pass all 5 levels with only one life. Each level has a specific level type. If the player passes all levels, they will give rewards like boosters, unlimited lives, gold bars and a bonus. However, if the player fails any a level, they have to start again from the first level. While you get the throne, you can come back to the soda world to play more levels.

The bonus may different for each player during your reign, especially gold bars. If longer someone gains the throne, the more gold bars they get and the contrary. If any player stole your throne, they can come back to Bubblegum hill to continue to play.

Two notices here: First, in the past, in order to play BubbleGum Hill, you have to spend one heart. Now you only spend 20 energy.

And in the past, it was available in weekends. Now, it is available from Monday until Tuesday!

Big BubbleGum Debacle Event in CCFS

In CCFS, BGT decided to cause a big mess with his new event Big BubbleGum Debacle Event. In that event, BGT spreaded BubbleGum in whole land and Tiffi along with her friends (and the help of players) must clean this mess.

Play Bubblegum Levels to gain boosters, stickers and points for your team to unlock BubbleGum Troll and his new King Outfit.

Team rewards will be given out when each interval is reached.

Most of the animals are under the Blue and Pink Fizz and you only get one chance to win the level per appearance on the board. After finishing playing a Bubblegum Level a new Bubblegum Level will appear on the map a few levels ahead.


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