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Analysis, Theories and facts about our favorite Candy Crush Characters - BubbleGum Troll (Part 3)

Sofia1992 Posts: 2,526 Level 5

BubbleGum Troll in Candy Crush Tales

Yep! Even in Candy Crush Tales, we encounter BGT. After completing level 10 and before getting the magic red candy, BGT used his arms and stole it so Mr.Toffee and Tiffi have to follow the Bubblegum trail that BGT left behind. After cleaning up the BubbleGum Trail with the power of sweetonium, we finally caught up BGT. But he will not give the magic red candy to us so until we complete three whole wishes for him. First we have to give him a gold medal, after we need to make a honor day for BubbleGum Troll (actually a BubbleGum Troll Day and which that leads to BubbleGum Debacle Event in CCFS..oh well) and a statue for him.

So many wishes in order to get that candy. Pfff....BGT, you ask alot!

But even here, his personality is the same! Selfish, with that Napoleon complex and he really wants to make his own desires to come true even in that game. Oh god!

And he will try all his best to get the next magic candy before Tiffi so to become hero! His personality even and here is really something!

BubbleGum Troll in CCFS

As we said earlier, BGT creates a mess for once again in Candy Kingdom.

Spreading BubbleGum everywhere (just like spreading bubblegum in CCSS) ...Oh well...For once again, BGT loves to create mess!

But if we complete BubbleGum Debacle Event, we will get him in our team (along with this King Outfit of course!) and he will help us to complete levels with his special unique skill 'Bubble Blast Candy'.

BGT has only two outfits now which are his King Outfit and his Angel outfit! Let's check them out!

BubbleGum Troll's Outfits in CCFS

King Chewy - > Unlocks it via Big BubbleGum Debacle Event

600 stickers

Costume's Variety: Epic (****)

A dynamic Outfit, so special and unique for King Chewy.

Special Move Animation:

Swallows a whole chicken drumstick including the bone then chokes on it for the duration of the collection. When you have completed collecting Bubblegum Troll spews out 2 cleaned bones onto the board that turn into Bubble Blast Candy.

Victory Dance:

For his dance he does some regal waves and wiggles his hips suitable to King Bubblegum Troll.

BubbleGum Troll Angel - > Unlock it via Holiday Calenday Event (December 2019)

600 Stickers

Costume's Variety: Epic (****)

A nice one for BGT, full of Christmas Joy! Maybe?

Special Move Animation:

When almost has all collected his halo glows and he lifts his hands palm up to shoulder length while closing his eyes. After his candy is collect he is struck by lightening with 2 lightening bolts hitting the board leaving Bubble Blast Candy.

Victory Dance:

For his dance he plays his harp like a guitar and smashes it against the ground.

Skill: Bubble Blast Candy

Move: Collect 12 Yellow Candy = Farts/spits 2 explosive Bubble Blast Candies onto the board

  • Swap the Bubble Blast Candy with any moveable object on the board to set it off
  • When set off it will explode shooting out diagonally from each corner bouncing three times
  • Bounces through Licorice swirls
  • Bounces over gaps in the board
  • Can bounce along Hazelnut Crunch hitting it several times
  • Unlike many special candies, however, the bubblegum blast cannot be mixed with other special candies. Switching them will simply activate the bubblegum blast without activating the other candy (unless it makes a match or is another bubblegum blast).
  • This is the only method to move a color bomb or coloring candy without activating them.
  • It does act as a special candy, such that each direct hit to hearts will move them by two steps.

He is available in all type of levels with power ability (*****) .

That's all ! Don't forget to bookmark that special tribute and don't forget to comment below too!

Thank you and have a nice day/night!~


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