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(ENDED) Friends Time for Gold Bars! 💰️

Glenn1972 Posts: 16,650 Pro Player 👑
edited January 2021 in Contests

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Hello Candy Crush Friends Crushers, 👋

Welcome to Friends Time for Gold! 💰️

Image by our Superstar @Elsa

Yeti needs your help! He has placed a booster order for the game so he can continue to help those playing Candy Crush Friends Saga. He was told the package would be delivered here at 12:00pm AEST (Queensland, Australia) on January 25th. Yeti is busy in the game and needs a player to be here to sign for the package.

Will you help Yeti?

Here is how to help Yeti:

1.- The package arrives at 12:00pm AEST on January 25th. What time will it be by then where you live?

2.- Comment below how many hours are in difference between Queensland and where you live, so Yeti can choose the best option among you guys to sign for the package.

Three randomly chosen players who answer correctly will win 30 Gold Bars for their Candy Crush Friends game!

This contest will run from 11th - 25th Jan 2021, ending at 6:00am EST

Terms and Conditions here.



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