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Dear Friends Community!

Some of you have already been testing it: the Candy Crush Friends new Star Race!

What's that?

It's a time-based event  in which you'll compete in a group over who achieves a higher target score. The group gets a specific target, for instance, stars, and have to collect as many as you can in your game- but be careful: only new levels count!

How does the Leaderboard look like?

  • It's scrollable
  • When the leaderboard pop up is opened, you'll see the top 5 players but also your own anchored score

When can you see the leaderboard?

  • At the introduction of the event
  • At the end of a level
  • At the end of the event
  • When you click on the leaderboard icon

What can I earn?

Boosters, Boosters and more Boosters! 🚀

And now it's YOUR turn- have you seen this feature in your game yet? What do you think about it?

💭 Do you like competing in a group in Candy Friends?

💭 Do you like the art behind this new feature? The rewards? The way it works?

💭 What do you like best?

💭 How could we improve it?

Share your thoughts below, so we can help the team make the feature even sweeter! They count on YOU! ❤️

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