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  • istuffistuff Posts: 207 Level 3

    @Lola_Pop , @MightyWolf . As most have said need more or better rewards. I love Tiffi"s costume and would like someday to have it in my scrapbook [hint, hint] . Yes I like competing in a group I enjoyed doing Dach's Deliveries but can no longer participate as I get kicked when I try to join it or a team. Great Challenge to all who worked on Star Race

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  • BiggorlBiggorl Posts: 7 Level 2

    I can't get any stars as I am stuck on level 2127 for 3 weeks! I don't get any boosters or lives anymore😣

  • Bubblenut01Bubblenut01 Posts: 13 Level 2

    Do you like competing in a group in Candy Friends? Yes I love competing in a group but also like single play

    💭 Do you like the art behind this new feature? The rewards? The way it works?

    Yes I enjoy all the new features within the game

    💭 What do you like best?

    I like the challenge of the levels seeing if you can actually achieve the results of getting to the final level

    💭 How could we improve it?

    I think more chances of been able to get boosters

  • AkumaXXAkumaXX Posts: 77 Level 3

    Easily one of the worst events, if not the worst.

    Consider the overall high difficulty of many levels, players can easily get stuck on any hard level and fail to earn star.

    And unlike similar feature in CCS, there are only 3 days, such that it is all about luck whether one is at an easy zone.

    The prize is another problem. Just 5 hammers for being the top? It would take more than 10 for me being stuck at 2133 while a newcomer before 100 needs no effort.

  • jhoward205jhoward205 Posts: 6 Level 2

    So the event just ended for me and the whole time i nvr once seen a leaderboard. The whole event i collected a total of 75 stars and didn't recieve nothing, so what was the event even for?

  • DGenevieveDGenevieve Posts: 77 Level 2

    Last night with 1hr plus left, I was at #1 with 113 stars. The second top player was with 86 and the rest was 60 or less. These scores were like that for hours.

    I woke up today thinking I would have received something, but there’s nothing.🤔

  • DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 10,950 Level 5

    Thanks for tagging me @MightyWolf

    @Lola_Pop my answer:

    What is the leaderboard?

    The leaderboard was scrollable and I could see the best as well as all the other participants.

    When can you see the leaderboard?

    • Yes, At the launch of the event

    • At the end of a level, yes, even

    • At the end of the event yes, even

    What can I earn?

    Unfortunately, I was only 11th place and went out empty. 

    It will be spring, the plants need more water again.

    I play the following games:

    • Candy Crush Saga, Level 9.080
    • Candy Crush Soda Saga, Level 6.310
    • Candy Crush Jelly Saga, Level 4.565
    • Farm Heroes Saga, Level 3.640
    • Blossom Blast Saga, Level 2.100
    • Pyramid Solitaire Saga, Level 2.960
    • Papa Pear Saga, Level 510
    • Candy Crush Friends Saga, Level 1.460
    • Bubble Witch 3, Level 515
  • dananelledananelle Posts: 310 Level 3

    Have to say this wasn’t the best event. Easy if you are on lower levels and have the added help of ads to get extra lives.

    for me being on level 2314 it takes me DAYS to get past a level even with all 3 boosters active. So star based events aren’t really good.

    you should at least get a reward for participating....

  • nnarkisnnarkis Posts: 735 Level 3

    Thanks for tagging me @MightyWolf

    I just finished the Star event last night and ended up in first place. The rewards ended up being a lot less than I would have thought they should be for coming in first place, just some hammers (maybe 5?).

    I think some gold bars or unlimited lives would have been a good reward, or maybe 250 costume points or perhaps a new character would have been much better.

    That Tiffi pilot character would have been an awesome first place prize! Great artwork by the way in that top picture!

  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 41,125 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Also tagging @Ruksana541, @lincow, @ACDW who have subscribed Candy Crush Friends Tagging List.

    Signature - Moderators 2021 DiDS Diamond Limpng

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  • DGenevieveDGenevieve Posts: 77 Level 2

    I see that this event is back... but something is off. It still shows the same score from last time. Also, I’ve passed several levels, but the score remains the same.

    It doesn’t say “event starts in..” so I’m assuming it’s supposed to be active right now?🤔

  • Pitty_KittyPitty_Kitty Posts: 2,345 Level 5
    edited March 23

    Is it normal that I cleared almost an entire new episode but I can't see my ranking? I just see my stars fly to the event widget which shines as result and that's it. I can't open the event to see what's inside 🤔

    Edit: yep the event didn't work properly. In the end this message appeared:

    But after I clicked "results" I was brought back to the main map and nothing happened. No rewards.

    Oh well.

  • actipton80actipton80 Posts: 388 Level 3

    I'm glad I didn't get this event again. It was glitchy the first time I had it, and I passed levels way too slowly to do very well on this event. Maybe if this event had existed when I first started playing this game, I would have done better at it, but now that I'm at a point in the game where I can't blast through several levels in one sitting easily, it's not worth it. Maybe I would be okay with it now that I have Bubblegum troll's event which allows me to blast through levels much more easily than normal.

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