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Completing a Daily Quest of matching 1,000-1,400 Candies of a specific color

Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

If one of your Daily Quests is just to match a LOT of candies of a certain color (helper not specified), the most efficient way to complete that Daily Quest is to find a previous level which has only 4 colors—including the specified candy color—and which has MULTIPLE SCREENS as I have found that on average FAR more candies are matched for the levels that have 2, 3, or 4 screens. So today I had to match 1,000 purple candies:

Checking my records, I found level 4334 had only cyan, purple, red, and yellow candies, and it is a 2-screen level. The first screen looks like this:

I chose Odus as my helper and cleared the first screen, which automatically shifted me to the second screen which looked like this:

The process of clearing the second screen was a lot of fun as you have to blast that central column of bubble-gum covered animals a LOT to get the gum to burst and then finally be able to free the animal underneath! But in the end I succeeded:

The point of this is that matching purple candies in a 4-candy color, multi-screen level gave me between 120 and 150 matched purple candies per life.( On average the 3 and 4-screen levels will produce slightly more matches of each candy color.) This makes it feasible to match 1,000-1,400 candies of a specific color with 5-10 lives, or less if you have sufficient boosters to win the levels as I had today. Hope this helps!

Do any of you have good strategies for solving difficult Daily Quests?


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