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Let’s go to the beach!

ElsaElsa Posts: 34,003 Community Hub Moderator

Tiffi has been enjoying a very active summer with her friends. She has learned how to use a yo-yo, she has searched for lots of summer fun ideas that her and her friends can enjoy, and she has enjoyed having a pool party with her friends. Jenny is still in town and both of them want to go to the beach so she decides to call Jenny to make plans.

“Hi Jenny, how are you?” asks Tiffi. How did you enjoy the pool party? Wasn’t it a great surprise when everyone suddenly saw you there? And your uncle is such a party character! I can’t believe that he kept doing those cannonballs into the pool. That sure was a fun day.” 

Tiffi suggests that they make plans to go to the beach. 

“That sounds great!” Jenny says. “Would you mind if I bring my uncle with us?”

Now that’s a silly question. Tiffi loves Yeti and can’t wait to see both of them. They make plans to go to the beach in a couple of days. 

Tiffi goes back to her googling to see what other summer ideas she can come up with. The day goes by quickly and then Mr. Toffee comes home and they both sit down to eat. Tiffi tells her father that Jenny is coming into town for a few days and they are going to be going to the beach when she gets here. 

“I wish you could close the store down for a bit because Yeti is going to join us on the beach,” says Tiffi. “You haven’t seen your friend in a very long time.”

Mr. Toffee can’t close the store but he will get in touch with Yeti and they can make plans to go out in an evening or come over and he can cook the four of them dinner. 

Sounds like a plan.

Let’s continue - Today is beach day!

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