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(finished) Fun in the Sun- earn your Story reader badge!

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Hello sweet Crushers! Are you ready for some fun in the sun?⛱️

We have a special co-host! @Elsa !

Our talented @Elsa has written a summer story! Here's the link to the story Let’s have a pool party

After reading the story please look at the questions in the spoiler below, and answer them in your comments using a spoiler with your answers.

1.- Who calls Tiffi saying that she wants to get together with her?

A: Kimmy

B: Jenny

C: Olivia

D: Jelly Queen

2.- What summer treat has Tiffi never tried?

A: Popsicles

B: Watermelon

C: S’mores

D: Ice cream

3.- When the girls go to the zoo what is the last thing that they see before leaving?

A: Snowflake

B: The museum

C: Giraffes

D: Gorilla

4: Summer is the best season for:

A: Your health

B: Your happiness

C: Your immune system

D: All of the above

5.- What pool game idea does Tiffi like the most?

A: A game of tag

B: Marco Polo

C: Cannonball

D: Toss sponges

6.- What gummy bear color is not in the Jello custard bears at the beach?

A: Red

B: Blue

C: Green

D: Yellow

7.- When Tiffi decides to take a walk outside to enjoy the beautiful weather who does she meet up with?

A: Chewy 

B: Yeti

C: Jean-Luc 

D: Philippe

Part 2:

8.- Who is Misty surprised to see at the pool party?

A: Mr. Toffee

B: Jenny

C: Tiffi’s puppy

D: Chewy’s father Arthur

9.- Who is the first to do a cannonball into the pool?

A: Rancid

B: Yeti

C: Chewy

D: Red Rabbit

10.- Who is the second person to do a cannonball into the pool?

A: Jean-Luc

B: Philippe

C: Red Rabbit

D: Rancid


After reading through the story you must comment below with your answers using a spoiler.


All participants will receive a badge!

This contest will run from June 25th until July 9th at 1:00pm EST



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