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Hello Sodalicious and Friendtastic Communities!

As the Olympic Games approach, we’re all getting into celebration...and competition mode! ⛹️

This time, the Soda and the Friends Community are teaming up for fun: it’s the Soda Friends Games!

⭐️What will the games look like?

Each week, you’ll get a different challenge to master; one week in your Soda game, the following week in your Friends game!

⭐️How long will they last?

The Soda Friends Game will last 6 weeks, with a special 7th week recap!

⭐️What about the rewards?

For each completed week, you’ll receive a badge.

And if you complete all challenges and post the screenshots to prove it on the seventh week, you’ll get the exclusive Super Tournament Badge plus a chance to win 50 Gold Bars!  

⭐️ Can I participate if I only play Soda or Friends?

Yes, you can! Remember there are sweet badges to earn every week! You’ll just not be eligible for the Super Tournament Badge and the Gold Bars on week 7.

⭐️ Where can I find the challenges?

The different challenges will be hosted in their own communities (Soda or Friends) and the seventh week's screenshots will be shared in the General Contest Area in the Hub. You will also find an index of the challenge here below. @LadyRaffie and I will update it every week with a new link!

Week 1: Soda! Play any level and earn 350.000 points! (CLOSED)

Week 2: Friends! Play any level with Yeti as a helper!  (CLOSED)

Week 3: Soda! Play a hard level with 2 stars (CLOSED)

Week 4: Friends! Play a hard level with 1 star (CLOSED)

Week 5: Soda- Play any level with a score under 59,999- (CLOSED)

Week 6: Friends- Play any level with a score under 46,130-(CLOSED)

Week 7: If you've completed all weeks, share those 6 screenshots and get the Super Liga Badge ⚡️ LIVE NOW!

And 5 players will be chosen randomly to get 50 Gold Bars each!

"Terms & Conditions"



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