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( FINISHED ) 🍭 🍭 Community Summer Fun Contest -- Candy Crush Friends Saga 🍭 🍭



  • Andres-2
    Andres-2 Posts: 4,019 Level 5

    Thanks for the tag @Diamond Lim

    My answers

    1. The sun is missing the white dot in the middle.

    2. The beach ball is missing some blue on top.

    3. The surfboard is missing a line in the middle.

    4. Missing a starfish

    5. Something is missing in the left corner, where the sand is.

    6. Tiffis's bow is different.

    7. The racket net is different.

    8. Stripes on one umbrella but not on the other.

  • siti_payung
    siti_payung Posts: 13,090 Level 5


    Here is my answers

    stripes on tiffi's surf board is missing

    stripes on tiffi's ball 

    a circle in sun is missing

    tiffi's racket missing a shape

    the image infront of the card is missing

    small starrfish is missing

    stripes on umbrella is mising

    white dot on tiffi bow

  • Origins7_Dale
    Origins7_Dale Posts: 3,551 Pro Player 👑

    Hi @PummyRaj @Diamond Lim @Yosca @Nix66 thx for tag, contest & badge,

    *8 Answers to CCFS / *Tiffi is the Special Difference in *Spoiler below!

    1. *Tiffi's Head Bow is different! - *Tiffi is the Special Difference

    2. *Hand hold in Sand Spade / Shovel, at bottom left!

    3. *Stripes on Parasol / Umbrella, top right!

    4. *Top of Beach Ball, missing pink circle!

    5. *Sun colored differently!

    6. *Tennis or Badminton Racket has string hole missing at top!

    7. *Middle Stripe missing on Green Surfboard!

    8. *A Red Starfish / Sea Star missing under Crab!

    Nice badge.

    I do not play *CCFS, however if a winner, would like my game of my choice, if not, will decide on either downloading or giving *20 Gold Bars to other players!

    Cyas Group - Origins7 Dale, 😀

    My Player / User ID: 9815076088 


  • Lemurtek
    Lemurtek Posts: 2,078 Level 4

    Hi and Thanks @PummyRaj and also @Diamond Lim and @PrettyBubbles and @AnyoneElse conspiring to send my sanity on vacation. 😵 I hope I'm in the right area (candy Crush Friends) and I haven't posted yet. Here are my answers, somewhat worn around the edges but sincere:

    Awning upper right has stripes

    Sun has inner yellow circle

    Beach ball missing top part

    Surfboard extra stripe

    Paddle has extra hole at top

    Tiffi's hair bow has white flower in middle

    Extra starfish under Crab

    Sand sculpture lower left (Shovel?) has hole in Handle filled in

  • rajdeeptb
    rajdeeptb Posts: 4,323 Level 5

    Hi my answer is here 👇

    Racket Hole Is Missing

    Beach Ball Color Is Different In Center.

    Surfboard Line

    Sun Is Different

    Umbrella Stripes

    Small Starfish Is Missing

    Sand Shovel In The Sand.

    Tiffi’s Hair Ribbon

  • aautz1
    aautz1 Posts: 1,501 Level 4

    1. Different sun on top picture

    2. Different bow on Tiffi head on bottom picture

    3. Different shovel in sand on top picture

    4. Stripes on umbrella in bottom picture

    5. Color change on top of beach ball from white to dark blue

    6. A Starfish is missing against the crab

    7. A spot is missing from the racket ball

    8. A stripe is missing from the surfboard

    My answer

  • Kate3A
    Kate3A Posts: 2,096 Level 4

    my answers, from left to right:

    1.the shovel on the wooden frame has no hole

    2.Tiffi has a different bow

    3.Her ball has a blue smudge

    4.Her surf board has an extra line

    5.Her racket is missing a hole

    6.The sun has no white center

    7.Starfish is gone

    8.the umbrella on the wooden frame now has stripes

  • Iffu2
    Iffu2 Posts: 977 Level 4

    1. Sun is different

    2. One star is missing under the crab

    3. Tiffi bow

    4. A 3 Straipe is added on the surfboard

    5. Racket is a missing a hole

    6. The beach ball is missing something from the top

    7. The umbrella where the crab is located it has more stripes

    8. Shovel hand is missing


  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 23,356 Sweet Legend

    Sun, loop white dot, bat missing triangle, ball on top, server board, sand shovel, parasol, starfish

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