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Soda Friends Games Week 4 (ENDED)

Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 8,609 Community Manager
edited August 5 in Win Prizes

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Hello Friendly Crushers!

Ready for week 4? Let's gooooo!!

What's the challenge this week?

👉️ Play any Candy Crush Friends Saga hard level with 1 star (no 3 stars, no 2 stars only 1!)

⚽️ Rules:

  • Please post a screenshot showing you’ve mastered the challenge here below 👇️
  • It must be a current screenshot, no old screenshots are valid!
  • Please do not edit or remove anything in your screenshot. You may add your username if you want to your screenshot as long as it does not cover your avatar, level number or score
  •  Any cheating or manipulation of screenshots will be an automatic disqualification of this contest

🏀 How long do you have?

As soon as the next challenge starts, this one will be closed! Each challenge starts on Thursday!

🏈 What can I win?

Just for joining the challenge, you'll receive this wonderful badge:

As you know if you've read THIS, the games consist in one task to be achieved every week: first week in Soda, second in Friends, then in Soda again, and so on. And if you complete all challenges, another awesome badge and a chance to get 50 Gold Bars in your game!

What are you waiting for? Get back to your Friends game or download it now!

👭Play Candy Crush Friends Saga 

"Terms & Conditions" 



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