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Candy Crush: A Sticky Story #1 by EOTheGr8

EOTheGr8EOTheGr8 Posts: 1,699 Level 4
edited January 18 in Candy Friends Stories

Hello Candy Crushers!

The wait is now over! I am very sorry it took longer than it should have. Hopefully the next stories won't take as long to make. Now I know all of you guys are excited, so with that being said,

EOTheGr8 Presents:

Candy Crush: A Sticky Story #1 by EOTheGr8

Bubblegum Cave, December 20, 2021

It is a wonderful morning in Bubblegum Cave. Bubblegum Troll wakes up, and goes to to the cave entrance. “Ahh what a beautiful morning!" he exclaims. He was about to go back inside and get some breakfast when a member of his Bubblegum Army goes up to him and says, "Sir Bubblegum! Sir Bubblegum! We just received word that there is going to be a festival at Candy Town!"

“When is the festival?" asked Bubblegum Troll. 

"The festival will take place in 3 days, and I think the people of Candy Town are going to start preparing for the festival tomorrow!” replied the Bubblegum Army member.

“Alright! Gather our army! We will attack Candy Town and there will be no festival! Let’s just hope that our plan is successful this time…” announced Bubblegum Troll. 

Mr. Toffee’s Farm, 2 Days Later

“Ahhhh what a beautiful day!” exclaimed Tiffi.

Tiffi was about to go make herself breakfast when Odus flies up to her and says, “Tiffi! Tiffi! Kimmy and Jenny sent me to deliver this letter to you! They told me to hurry, they need help!”

“Oh no! Let me read it!” replied Tiffi.

“Hi Mr. Toffee! Hi Yeti!” Odus greeted.

“Good morning Odus! Good morning Tiffi!” Mr Toffee replied. “What does that letter say?”

“Candy Town is being attacked and Kimmy and Jenny need help!” Tiffi replied.

“Well we don’t have much time! We have to go help! I knew moving away from Candy Town would become a disaster!” Mr. Toffee exclaimed. “We must prepare and be ready as soon as possible!”

“Let’s eat breakfast first, I’m hungry.” Yeti suggested.

"Let’s go down stairs and prepare!” Mr Toffee exclaimed. 

“Alright! Let’s take what we need! There are Lollipop Hammers, Color Bombs, Wrapped Candy Bombs, Fish, and more!” Mr Toffee announced. “And be sure to bring some weaponry for Kimmy and Jenny so they can fight alongside us.”

“Odus, take this device. It will make some sort of beeping noise. When it makes the noise, release the Gingerbread Men. They were a failed experiment, but maybe they can be useful in this situation…” Mr. Toffee said to Odus. “Just click the button on the roof, and they will emerge from underground. Lead them to Candy Town. Understood?” 

“You can count on me!” Odus replied.

“So how are we gonna get to Candy Town in time? We have to get there before it’s too late!” Tiffi exclaimed. 

“I have a little trick up my sleeve…” Mr. Toffee reassured Tiffi. *Whistle*

“WOAH!!” Tiffi and Yeti exclaimed in awe.

"Hey guys!" Denize greeted.

“Well we have no time to lose. Hop on guys! Candy Town, here we come!” Mr. Toffee exclaimed.

TO BE CONTINUED IN: Candy Crush: A Sticky Story #2


Story Idea: @EOTheGr8

Artwork: @EOTheGr8

Special thanks to all of you who have supported me in this journey!



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