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The spring calendar is back!! 🌸🌸☺️☺️

David5023David5023 Posts: 276 Level 3
edited May 5 in Discussions

That there are friends today I bring you great news on Monday the spring calendar will return and the great news is that we will have the opportunity to collect a new olivia costume it will be great. If you don't know what a season calendar consists of, you will have to play a daily level, it will be a different level every day and you will have to play 1 daily level for 4 weeks, that is, a month and at the end of each week you will receive a prize that will give you pieces of the new costume from olivia and at the end of the month you will receive the last pieces to unlock the new olivia costume it will be beautiful

Tell me what you think of Olivia's new costume 🤩 see you down here greetings friends



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