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(ENDED) 🍬 Win 20 gold bars for your favorite candy 🍬

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🍬 Hi Frientastic Crushers! 

We've had so many competitions lately where you've played a certain level countless times. Or we should achieve a certain score. Do you want something light where you can relax your fingers for the next challenges? Oh yes, I think so.  😃

Vote and comment 📝 below to win gold in Candy Crush Friends Saga! Sorry if the fish and tiffi are double. Unfortunately, I can't edit it.  😥

Rules: 👇

Vote and comment on your decision.

Rewards: 👇

5 players will be randomly selected to get each 20 gold bars in the game Candy Crush Friends.

Dates: 👇

The competition ends 🕔️ on 18 May 2022 at 5 p.m. CEST.

I wish all participants a lot of fun! 💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺

Terms and Conditions here

What is your favorite candy in Candy Crush Friends Saga? Is it: 

(ENDED) 🍬 Win 20 gold bars for your favorite candy 🍬 82 votes

the wrapped candy? Yeti is happy to give them to you.
jeanpsBQN537Krisrosasiti_payungwykoonMollySgoofygoodycarmenechevarriaGrneyedlady768JeffmeisterCringleOceanLscvmlordYahiaelbarrany4444fknjamzcjray1ernaneeJessamess6226victoriasellers20201 19 votes
or Is it the striped candy?
aautz1jsscdodd031 2 votes
Oh wait, is it the color bomb?
natmor70_Elsa_Eiliesha_Jarmankiara_waeldananelleGlenn1972susandys44Hell66anabelixRohachristine88maf34100Princess_JessicaCassDKate3AMoh1977deblgLemurtekCocoaQueen94gamepower 34 votes
or the coloring candy?
nsshawaii_criscountEnergizerBunnymaggiemos53bearwithmetininha1975LaurenmlhMiladyRLa LeysharkeymwistuffMountainMomteresawallace44DieOmimiAnahita_2005DGenevievebacksara0Racoon7[Deleted User]Rhodamsel 24 votes
maybe the fish from Tiffi?
kraiberglarsen 1 vote
maybe the fish Tiffi gives you?
none of that? Then tell us.
Nat09Boybinary 2 votes


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