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*** A new chance to get the Rainbow Collection costumes ***

DaniTheOGDaniTheOG Posts: 2,326 Level 5

👋 Hi peeps!

Earlier today, while working on a challenge with @Nat09, I noticed she had posted a screenshot of Nutcracker wearing a costume I had not seen before (here). ⤵️

I asked Nat about it & she mentioned the costume was part of the Rainbow Collection which was a special event where you could get the Rainbow costume for Tiffi, Yeti, Odus, Nutcracker, Misty and Red Rabbit. I don't have those costumes & I clearly must have missed the whole event.

Then I had this thought ⤵️ and it looks like @Lola_Pop thought it cool too.

💡🌈 Since June is the Month of Rainbows here in the Community & around the world, I'm asking y'all to vote up & help me give the Studio a little push 😁 & see if we can have another chance at getting these Rainbow Collection costumes. 🌈💡


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