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Games & Chill - A new Era

Minatozaki Posts: 804 Community Manager
edited December 2022 in Discussions

As the Crushilicious Games Season 1 is over, I am thankful for all players who joined and shared their time during October. November is here, and for the North side of the world, the cold comes with it. What's the best thing to do during wintertime? Staying cozy and chilling. That's precisely the goal of this place, this is a new idea I'm testing to bring comfort and entertainment to all players in the community. For now, we start in the Friends community, and perhaps in the future will hop from community to community.

I'm making this thread for everyone to hang out with. Keeping in mind House Rules, you are free to talk about anything here, in-game, or get to know each other! But as the title says, "Games." So what games are we playing, you ask? Any game! Here players can create their games and play among other community members.

Please keep it King-related or some game that allows members to get to know each other more. That's the chill part! That's what we do here!

This will be confusing since it's a new idea in the community, so please be patient and expose all questions you have. We will go slowly, and along the way, you will understand how you can make games for the community in this thread. This will be the place where YOU can create in the community, YOU can make chill sessions for the community.

Also, if you would like to join our first game on Monday, which time would be the best for you? Don't forget to add your time zone!

Meanwhile, you can express your concerns and doubts about this new idea.



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