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More and more chaos

Jellybean went to her discussion room to write her story. She wanted to write about her crazy life that was happening right now. About Betty, about her stories, everything! Just as she took a book from her pink custom-made bookshelf, she screamed like a banshee when she noticed, a hundred earthworms in the book and on the cover too. She dropped the book on the floor and ran out of her discussion room. The earthworms then crawled out of the book and out of the room. Everyone screamed hysterically as they tried to avoid the crawling earthworms. Betty leaned against the wall, giggling.

”You know what they say, people who love reading books are considered bookworms,” Betty said as Jellybean ran past her.

Jellybean stopped after hearing what Betty said. She turned towards her, half surprised and half furious. Did she think it was funny to place worms in books? Jellybean nearly had a panic attack seeing the worms! She pushed Betty aside and ran off angrily.

Back at home, Jellybean contacts her three best friends, Tiffi, Kimmy and Jenny through FaceTime. They exchanged smiles as they saw each other on camera. Jellybean shared with the three girls everything that happened.

”Mr Toffee always tells me and Kimmy to always be patient with others, even though they do something bad to you,” advised Tiffi.

Kimmy added, “But after what that mouse, Betty, did, you need to teach her a very important lesson.”

Jenny chimed in, “Since this Betty loves pranks, maybe you should get back at her by placing dirt in her satchel, or caterpillars in her apples, if she eat apples of course. Or…”

Jellybean listened to her friend’s ideas carefully. However, none of their ideas were really relevant and helpful for her, except for Tiffi’s. Maybe Tiffi was right, Jellybean had to be patient. But how, if Betty got onto her nerves?

The next day, Jellybean went to her discussion room, writing that chaotic story she taught about in her head. While she was madly typing away on her typewriting keyboard, Eli barged in, his face pale as a ghost.

”Eli, why did you do that? You scared me! Anyways, what happened? Did Betty placed earthworms in the candy jars?” Jellybean asked, raising her eyebrow.

Eli grabbed her arm and pulled her to another room. All the CM’s were there too, and they were speechless as a matter of fact. On the table was a signed will, followed by an envelope containing a letter, which read,

“Dear Community,

I signed this will to obtain permission to set up my school. Please accept and agree with my decision. Sorry if I didn’t tell you about this personally.


Ps. You may experience loud construction outside”

Jellybean, Eli and the CM’s were gobsmacked and furious to say the least. Some of them went to look for Betty while the rest stood there, shocked and bewildered. Why would Betty do such a thing? A hundred questions raced in Jellybean’s mind as she was typing her story. All of a sudden, a huge shadow loomed behind her. It was Betty, catching her breath as she entered from the window. Her clothes were covered in dirt and her hair looked like a bird’s nest. She was crying, like crying hysterically. Jellybean turned livid seeing her face but then asked her what was wrong.

“Please help me Jellybean. An angry mob of CM’s are after me and I don’t know what to do! They say I have to return their land or else they’ll punish me. Please, help me. I don’t want to be punished,” begged Betty profusely.

Jellybean rolled her eyes. After what Betty totally did, she totally deserved it. However, she sighed and said, “Fine! I’ll help you, little mouse. What’s the punishment?”

Betty told Jellybean that if she did not do what she was told to do, they will take her funds and donations for the new school she had been planning for months. Betty was in a difficult dilemma. She had dreamed of setting up the town in the King world, but she could not afford to lose the donations she collected for her dream school. Betty apologised nonstop and she looked sincere.

“In the first place, you shouldn’t have done such a nasty, evil thing. That was wrong of you, but I guess you deserve another chance to change,” Jellybean said and led Betty outside.

Several CM’s were waiting for Betty outside while looking at the construction. When they saw Betty, they ran towards her, still looking livid.

“I’m sorry guys, really,” Betty apologised sincerely, her head hanging low in shame.

The CM’s sighed and accepted Betty’s apologies. Jellybean looked at the construction site, and then turned to Betty.

“So…Betty?” Jellybean asked, “What are we going to do with the construction near the community?”

Betty turned to Jellybean, and then suddenly, giggled and laughed. She then told Jellybean and all the members that the construction was not a planned project. It was a prank the whole time!

”B…b…but Betty, you said you wanted to set up a small school outside the community. And the letter?” Jellybean asked, practically unable to digest everything Betty said.

Betty continued, “The letter was actually fake. The unplanned project was actually my ‘entrance’ to surprise everyone. The constructors are just my acting friends I hired. I mean to actually set up a small school inside the community for everyone. I teach English and Linguistics and also provide psychological support sessions to community members.”

Jellybean and all the members stared at Betty in awe and in disbelief, then, giggled together.

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