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Cheesy takeover

When Jellybean heard the girl’s voice, she turned on her lamp and screamed like she had seen a ghost. It was Betty, holding her book of short stories.

”W..W..What are you do..doing” Jellybean asked, practically stammering in fear.

Betty placed the book down on the table and said that she accidentally threw her lucky charm into Jellybean’s backyard as she was trying to catch it. As she grabbed her charm, she noticed an opened window and decided to peek through. That was when she noticed Jellybean’s short storybook and so, she decided to read it.

”Your story is very inspiring and entertaining,” Betty commented and before climbing out the window, she asked, “Can I bring your book with me? I’ll return it to you tomorrow. Pinky promise.”

Jellybean reluctantly agreed and Betty disappeared.

”Time for some peace and sleep,” Jellybean thought to herself and switched off the lamp.


The next morning, everything was chaos. People were frantically walking all around the community. Jellybean stood at the doorway, wonderimg why everyone was acting this way.

”Jellybean, check the community feed,” one of the CM’s said in a worried voice.

Jellybean opened her account and saw something that made her want to explode like a bomb. Betty was holding Jellybean’s short story collection and the caption read, “Can’t wait to publish this story! Link in bio!” Jellybean was dumbfounded. Her heart fell into her stomach seeing the post, and then to her toes as she read the caption. Her face turned livid and red as she stormed off to find that Betty. She wanted to wring her by her mouse ears. She wanted to trap her with her mousetrap, even though she was the size of a human.

As Jellybean was outside the community, she noticed something odd. Suddenly, the sign that read, “Welcome to the community, folks!” was now turned into, “The land of cheesy words!” Buildings and monuments were built everywhere. Shops, bakeries, schools, you name it occupied the land. Just then, Betty skipped towards Jellybean, grinning like an idiot. Jellybean grabbed Betty by her cerulean blue scarf, taking Betty by shock.

”How can you sell off my piece of work just like that?” Jellybean asked sternly, “Without my permission?”

Betty’s face tuned to guilt as she said that she needed the money from selling her stories to set up the town near the community.

”I tried to persuade the community to let me move the town here but they refused. Since your stories are loved by everyone here, I thought that selling it would help me earn some money so that I can give it to the government for my new school,” Betty confessed and cried.

Jellybean’s heart melted and said, “I understand your concerns but that’s wrong, Betty. You can’t just sell off a piece of work without informing the original creator. I’ll try to persuade the community again and we’ll see what happens next.”

Betty hugged Jellybean and apologised profusely to her. But that was not the end of this weird chaotic drama.

Let’s see what happens next —> More and more chaos — King Community


Feeling lost, start here —> Cheesy language — King Community

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