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(ENDED) ☔ Let's celebrate April for a chance to win gold bars 💰

MountainMom Posts: 11,531 Friends Moderator
edited May 9 in Contests

April showers bring May flowers, but this April contest is raining gold bars!

Since April is the 4th month of the year, your challenge is to win 4 different levels that end in "44."

☔ Rules 👇

You must play 4 different levels in your Candy Crush Friends Saga game. For example, you might choose to play levels 44, 344, 644 or 1044 -- all 4 levels are different and each level number ends with "44."

Each level can only be played once, so you will need to play 4 different levels.

You must win each level played, but it does not matter how many stars you get or your final scores.

You can replay levels you have previously won, but you cannot use old screenshots.

❗IMPORTANT❗Two screenshots are required for each level played:

  1. Take a screenshot of your game board when you have 4 moves left. No other screenshot of the game in progress will count.
  2. Take a screenshot after you win the level -- it must clearly show the level number, your avatar, and your final score.

Please post each pair in an individual comment. Position the 2 screenshots vertically, not side-by-side, within each of your 4 comments.

Screenshots must be collected during this contest period. No old screenshots allowed!

If you forget to take the screenshot with 4 moves remaining, don't despair! You will have many opportunities during the 2 weeks this contest is open. So, no alternative screenshots will be considered valid.

Do not crop, edit or remove anything in your screenshots. You should mark your screenshots with a personal identifier to discourage other players from "borrowing" them. Using old screenshots or copying screenshots from another player will disqualify the offending player.

☔ What can I win❓

Four players who complete this challenge and post valid entries will be randomly selected to win 40 gold bars in the game of their choice.

☔ Dates 👇

This contest ends on 1 May 2024, 17:00 Central European Summer Time (11:00 Eastern Daylight Time)

🎉 Let's have some Friendtastic fun! 🎉

Terms and Conditions here.



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