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Lives in Candy Crush Friends Saga -- answers to common questions

MountainMom Posts: 11,531 Friends Moderator
edited May 18 in Discussions

First, I encourage you to visit the "How do lives work?" article in our Players Guide. Tap the bold green fonts to go directly to those resources. Then if you still have questions, more details follow below 👇

❓How do I add friends❓

In Candy Crush Friends Saga, there is currently no feature for players to add friends. Instead, friends are randomly assigned to you in a team, typically a Dachs Delivery Service team. You can see those players by tapping on the team icon at the bottom right of your screen. For example, my list is full of random players as well as some that I recognize as friends. If you have the Dachs Delivery Service event in your game, you might want to join an existing team to get friends. You can find or join a team by tapping HERE (the later pages have the most recent posts). You can "leave" a team and join another one, but again you cannot select individual team members.

❓How do I send or receive lives❓

The functionality for sending and receiving lives in Candy Crush Friends Saga is not very robust. The Studio is aware of players' interest in having better functionality for sending and receiving lives. So, we are optimistic that improvements will continue to be made. In the meantime, the following might help:

✅ Sending lives 😊

You can send lives to other players at any time. Tap on your lives counter in the upper left corner of your screen 👇

This will open a screen where you can SEND lives 👇

Be sure your friends look for "sent" lives. They are indicated by an envelope with a heart 👇 in the upper left corner of their screens.

An envelope with a heart on it can also indicate that a friend is requesting lives from you 👇

Whenever I get requests for lives from random players or friends, I send them.

✅ Asking for lives 🤔

In Candy Crush Friends Saga, you can ask players for lives when you see a plus sign (+) on your lives counter, indicating that you have less than full (<5) lives.

When you tap on the green (+) sign, you will get a button to request lives.

Tap on the "Ask friends" button to see a list of players randomly assigned and/or members of your Dachs Delivery Service team and/or players who are friends with you in other King games. You can ask all of them (the default) to send you lives or select only some of them to send you lives. Unfortunately, you won't know when or if they receive and respond to your request.

✅ Receiving lives from other players 😍

As an example, when I had less than full lives, I clicked on the "+" sign near my lives counter and found that another player had sent me a life.

I accept lives by tapping the green button.

Please note that you will be accepting lives from all players listed. Your lives counter will include all accepted lives up to its maximum of 5 lives. Lives cannot be "stored" -- the maximum is always 5.

Buying more lives 💰

If you wish to purchase extra lives, simply use up all of the help that has been sent to you and a pop up will appear that includes an option to buy more lives with gold bars.

❗Your support counts❗

To increase the focus on sending and receiving lives, we have created an IDEA to improve this functionality -- you can find the idea by tapping HERE. We will appreciate your vote for this idea if you agree with it. The voting button is located in the lower left corner of the original post.

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