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Improved functionality for SENDING and RECEIVING lives in CCFS

MountainMom Posts: 10,590 Friends Moderator
edited January 23 in Ideas

Many players are frustrated because they do not receive the lives that friends send to them. Also, they know that their friends don't receive the lives that have been sent to them. So, I created this idea as a place to vote for improving this functionality in Candy Crush Friends Saga. Please vote for this idea if you would like to see this feature become more robust in this game.

Note: The "vote" button is located in the lower left corner of this idea. The counter will increase when you cast your vote. If you have already voted for this idea, the counter will decrease, so don't try to vote twice!

Currently, players must have full (5) lives before they can send lives to other players. If they have less than full lives, they can ask other players for lives.. 

Perhaps the solution could incorporate a previous idea from @Spinnifix so players can get notifications when friends have asked for or sent them lives.

95 votes

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