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Why can't I access my gold bars

Shevonne Posts: 26 Level 2

Hie every one I'm failing to gain access to my gold bars or piggy bank and I keep winning bars but they aren't accumulating please help fix this😭

Best Answer

  • Freddy_
    Freddy_ Posts: 68,477 Crushing Legend
    Answer ✓

    @Shevonne Hi Again,

    Dont worry ask your questions away,

    You have on your picture 4 gold bars, these are your actual gold bars. the 30 in the piggy bank have to be purchased. So if you choose to do this they would then be added to you total gold bars of 4.

    You cannot do anything with 4 gold bars as if remember correctly its 10 gold bars to continue a level.

    If you are getting an error when you try to purchase the gold bars, Try checking your, Device and game is up to date, log out and restart your device and then log back in and see if it resolves your issue.

    Only gold bars i ever get for this game are ones i win from community competitions as i do not buy gold bars or purchase piggy bank


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