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I'm seriously thinking of deleting this game!

GranBarb Posts: 378 Level 4
edited June 2021 in Discussions

I'm not generally a quitter,but I'm tired of having to spend money for gold bars so that I can finish levels & special quests!

I've played Candy Crush Friends Saga for years. I'm on level 2499 & currently have the Octopus Event. I've spent many $$$, especially in the last year just so I can complete levels. I don't mind buying gold bars every now & then, but it's gotten to be too much! Especially since this is a "free" game.

Don't get me wrong. I like the levels to be challenging. If they were all easy, it would be boring.

I'm curious if I'm the only one who feels this way. I don't want to stop,but it's not even much fun, anymore.

I'd like to hear from some of you, so please take a minute & chime in.

Thanks for reading my rant!🤪


  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 22,509 Sweet Legend
    edited June 2021


    I agree with you and I am a free player. But uninstalling is out of the question for me. For this I prefer to submit surveys and ideas. I have already put many down in the ideas section. Did you vote? Only the studio would have to implement ideas from time to time. It's been going too long. I'll pass it on again.

    @gr33n3y3z @Lola_Pop

    Please discuss the player list. thanks

    My survey:

  • gr33n3y3z
    gr33n3y3z Posts: 9,493 Level 5

    Hey there,

    I think sometimes what is needed in situations like this is, I encourage a break from the game instead of deleting the game. I know the levels are a lot more challenging the further you go in the game but.. just keep trying and maybe take a break and I'm sure you'll crush this levels soon.

  • Uncle_Bob
    Uncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    I have had the same impulse to just quit playing CCFS , particularly when I was “trapped” at extremely difficult levels for several days, so I sympathize with you! (I have not purchased gold bars, however, as I accumulated some from the special games and almost never use them.). I do, however, use the “watch video ad for +4 moves” when it is available, but ONLY if I can see a way to successfully complete that level with +4 moves and maybe also using 1 or 2 lollipop hammers. (There is a limit for how many ad videos you can watch per day, so I only use the ads for +4 moves , or also for getting “extra rewards” after completing one of your 3 Daily Quests.)

    My I suggest that you consider “taking it easy” for a few days where you would focus on (a) backtracking to the best previous levels to satisfy at least the “easy” and “medium” difficulty Daily Quests , followed immediately by viewing the ad video to get the “extra awards”, in order to build up a supply of lollipop hammers. Once you have a supply of lollipops, then re-try 2499 until you can get close enough to a solution with the normal number of moves that you have at least a 50% likelihood of solving it with the “watch video ad for +4 moves” and 1 or 2 of your lollipops.

    if you keep a record of the task, helpers, candy colors, and “Extra Candies” used on the previous 20 levels , that would help you satisfy your Daily Quests more efficiently, which for me is more fun. I use a form to do that now, but previously I just used written notes, and that worked ok.

    If you choose to use this form, the abbreviations are

    Task: Fill Hearts, Free Animals, Free Octopuses, Spread Jam, and Dunk Cookies

    Helpers: Dachs, Jelly Queen, Misty, ODus, OLivia, RaBbit, RaChel, TIfi, TRoll, and Yeti

    Candy Colors: Blue,Cyan , Green, Orange, Purple, Red, and Yellow

    Extra Candies: Caramel Cups, MinTs, Pop Rocks, and pink licorice TiLes

    I should add that the difficulty parameter may be set to be more “generous” or “easy” after you play the same level about 12-13 times, so if you persist through all those failed attempts, you may succeed at level 2499.

    Good luck!

  • candycrushinit
    candycrushinit Posts: 12,599 Level 5

    Hey @GranBarb!

    I can relate to when the levels in CCS are getting too hard, I just simply quit playing the game for several days, weeks, or even months instead of deleting the game completely. Taking a break is good, especially when you're frustrated trying to clear a hard level. Stop spending so much money on those gold bars and participate in special events in both the game and community to try and save the gold bars you earn from winning. I encourage you to keep going and never give up on playing. I know you got this!

  • GranBarb
    GranBarb Posts: 378 Level 4

    I always start out the new day with the daily quests & complete the quests that I can. I, also try to save boosters for really hard levels. And, I don't know what "watch the ad" thing you're talking about.

    I've played games on the community board. And, I might mention, that watching the video of the level is completely worthless. Usually, when you watch the " help" videos,there are more moves than you actually get in the game. I've sent messages to " @Just playing" about this.

    Thanks, everyone, for suggestions. Still don't know what I'm going to do.

  • Uncle_Bob
    Uncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    @GranBarb Huh! I have always wondered if CCFS players in all countries had the “watch video ad” option—I know that for us, these adds are offered ONLY when we are connected to the Internet via Wifi (Germany”WLAN”). The display looks like this for the +4 moves at the end of a game, which I recommend if you are very close to completing the task for that level:

    Here is what the video ad offer looks like to add a Color Bomb or Coloring Candy at the beginning of the game (which I do NOT recommend):

    So are you seeing anything like this at the beginning of a game, the end of a game, or after you complete a Daily Quest? If you do NOT, then there are some serious differences between what is being offered players in different zones or countries.

    if not, I would amend my advice to backtrack to the best previous levels to complete Daily Quests, which should ultimately trigger the one of the 3 basic boosters, at which time I would re-try level 2499(or right now, the 10th level of that Octopus challenge thing).

  • Uncle_Bob
    Uncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    The ad videotape that offer extra credit toward the 3 types of lollipops after completing a Daily Quest (or after getting a daily award) looks like this:

    So @GranBarb , do you get any of these offers? Or none of them? I did not use them for the first 6 months or so, but it the +4 moves and an adequate supply of lollipop hammers really does help solve some of the more difficult levels of CCFS, which may include level 2499.

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