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(finished) 👻 Win a badge & gold with a spooktacular story 👻



  • Iffu2Iffu2 Posts: 940 Level 4
    edited October 2021

    Happy HALLOWEEN ,@gr33n3y3z and everyone! 👋🎃

    Let me tell you my spooky and funny Halloween story. 👻

    One day Bubblegum troll wants to trick-or-treating with her friends in Halloween 🎃 but he doesn't know what to wear.

    Bcz, of that he talk with jelly queen about Halloween costume. 💖

    Jelly queen said offcourse!!

    Then they got ready to bring😘Halloween pumpkin basket costume in candy town....

  • aurtheraurther Posts: 213 Level 3

    hiii my names aurther and am gona be telling a story😅

    soo it was a day like anyother i was doing the usual dishes and house work when i go out to like just look around cause home looks great after i cleaned and stuff then out of no where i hear a sound ands like in abush soo run cause am super creeped out

    LATER that vening we were washing the dogs then the dogs ren and started barcking at the wall and then my dads ltells me to move backwards cause drumm roll please dum dum dummmmmm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was a snake it was white dont know wat type it is but i was creepet out soo we called the gardener and him and my dad tried to scar the snake away or kill it { no offence snake lovers ]} but it was him or us soo the snake runs away and luckly no one got injured including the snake soo evry thing was fin


    MORAL = dont go to dark bushes alone if your not an adult and german shepards can sense danger



  • GlenysBGlenysB Posts: 574 Level 4
    edited October 2021

    One day as I was walking my dog, with Tiffi and Yeti I heard a rustling sound.

    When I turned around I saw a white shape in the trees and Yeti said 'let's take a look' so we did whilst I held tight on to my dog for security.

    I started to get a little worried. As we got closer to this white shape I realised that it was nothing untoward but a carrier bag caught in the branches of a tree. Yeti and Tiffi burst out laughing.

    We carried on with our walk thinking that we were so glad that the rustling sound was only the breeze blowing the carrier bag.


  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Level 3
    Tiffi 👧who went trick-or-treating🍬 on Halloween.🎃
    Dressed as a ghost
    and when they finished trick-or-treating he went home 🏠
    with his father mr. Toffee
     Later he had dinner 🍽️
    and tiffi and he went to his room
    and fell asleep.
    When I was asleep 💤
    I hear a noise
    and woke up very startled, 😮
    looked under the bed🛏️
    and he was a giant,
    but it was just him
    Yeti who happened to give him
    sweets ... 🍬🍬🍬
     The end

  • Precious0914Precious0914 Posts: 188 Level 3

    We do not have Halloween in my country, I really cant make a story about it. Thanks for tagging @Diamond Lim

  • carmenechevarriacarmenechevarria Posts: 1,862 Pro Player 👑


    Halloween is here again, so Tiffi in her princess costume and Yeti in his ghost costume go out to trick or treat. In the neighborhood walking up the garden path Tiffi and Yeti spy a yummy sweet. Knock - knock and Tiffi and Yeti yell trick or trick.

  • aurtheraurther Posts: 213 Level 3

    oky soo wat did anyone think of my story and just give it right at i can take the positive critisisi

  • Nix66Nix66 Posts: 19,884 Sweet Legend

    🎃 It’s that time of year @gr33n3y3z! 👻

    Yeti the Cow and Tiffi the Astronaut couldn’t wait for Halloween to arrive! They were more than ready!

    They both already had their costumes picked out, their route mapped to go trick~or~treating (they were going to every single Friend’s house possible!), and now all they had to do was wait for the day to arrive.

    “Waiting is the hardest part!”, says Tiffi excitedly through her giggles to Yeti.

    Yeti replies, “I just hope I get treats and don’t have to do tricks.”

    “Yeti, what kind of treats are you hoping to get?” asks Tiffi as if she didn’t already know the answer!

    ”Why, chocolate and white chocolate of course!” replies Yeti.

    “Haha. Then it will match your cow costume!” Tiffi answers back before they both begin laughing uncontrollably.

  • aurtheraurther Posts: 213 Level 3

    come on aat least you Nixx66 can you just tell me wat you think of my story its on page one

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