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Level 269 - Bug, out of moves (Fixed)

bran1972bran1972 Posts: 3 New Bee
edited February 2019 in Support
Level 269 on Candy Crush Friends, I go into the level and it turns two of the candies into stripped candies then the game automatically ends saying out of moves.

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  • AlansmartAlansmart Posts: 1,301 Legend
    Hello @bran1972, this is a very odd behavior indeed.. do you happen to have any friendly boosters active? I have not heard of this occurrence before, I will also pass this along to @QueenMia as I'm sure she would like to inform the studio of this happening.. I hope this can be sorted for you quickly so you may continue your sweet journey through friends saga.    Keep calm and crush on 🍬

    Keep calm and crush on  🍬🔨

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  • bran1972bran1972 Posts: 3 New Bee
    It was very odd. I had to pick the fish option to be able to play the level through. 
  • AlejHerrBar2k3AlejHerrBar2k3 Posts: 465 Level 4
    Well, it's usual for characters to do their power after their meter is fully filled and there be 0 moves. I don't consider it a bug, I think it can be helpful if you can use extra moves.
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  • bran1972bran1972 Posts: 3 New Bee
    I wasn’t able to play the level if I picked the stripe candy option. The game would start and two candies would turn to stripped candies then the game would end saying no more moves and I have not moved any candies.
  • callaboatrightcallaboatright Posts: 1 New Bee
    i had this same issue where it would say no more moves if i picked the striped. i did have 2 boosters in play though, but i saw the response for the fish and that worked for me.
  • daverflindaverflin Posts: 1 New Bee
    edited January 2019
    Hi, I am at stage 269 and the profile I have used to play the game is my Facebook In this particular stage, i think there is a bug. The game was designed to have only one specific move by default to start with. However as I have just purchased a package with booster, it changes the default setting and as a result I will not have any moves to make and instead of the usual when there are no moves to make it says I am out of moves and force me to either quit the game or purchase something which will then force me to not able play the game perpetually.
  • CliphphCliphph Posts: 7 New Bee
    Is it possible to turn off the120 minute boosters? Because I had the same problem. 
  • CliphphCliphph Posts: 7 New Bee
    Same issue here. Look at other posts by searching 269. 
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