(FINISHED) Free boosters! Who is your favourite Candy Friends Character?



  • christel76christel76 Posts: 3

    I haven't gotten very far yet.. But yetti is my favorite so far

  • trinahue72644trinahue72644 Posts: 4

    I would have to say my favorite character is yeti the clown. My 2nd favorite is vampire Tiffy!

    I like all the characters but those are my two favorites!!

  • Dollie67Dollie67 Posts: 6
    edited March 31

    I must say my favorite is Elf Dach the dog! But in all honesty its really hard to chose. I like them all. They all have at least one outfit that makes them each one so cute! Keep them coming. 😊 but I do like golden misty, too.

  • SeraphicStarSeraphicStar Posts: 3,802 Superstar

    Hey there @Dollie67 I'd very much like to hear your answer to this question if you don't mind πŸ˜‰:

    Looking forward to hearing your response! πŸ˜†

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  • MarsaMarsa Posts: 1

    Yeti is my favorite so far!

  • momaTmomaT Posts: 6

    I love Misty because you just don't know what she may throw on your board

  • ja1m3ja1m3 Posts: 9

    My favorite is Yeti the Werewolf!!! He’s fun, super strong and pumps me up with his sick dance moves!

  • fatmadcatfatmadcat Posts: 19 ✭✭
    edited March 31

    Tiffy’s animation is really quite funny so she’s my favourite so far

  • ksummersbreezeksummersbreeze Posts: 1

    I love Yeti!! Especially his voice!!

  • dolly9to5dolly9to5 Posts: 5

    Misty for sure..especially since she isa horse

  • wormiewormie Posts: 9

    Misty at the beach

  • AitchAitch Posts: 92 ✭✭✭

    My favourite.....but I find choosing between all of my cute l'il buddies really difficult...is Odus the Magician. He's helped me out of so many sticky moments and I adore his l'il squeals of delight as we crush candy together! His dancing moves are pretty snazzy now-I reckon he's had lessons from Yeti πŸ€— Coming a very close 2nd is my buddy Dasch in his elf costume...His delight at a win is just far too special for words. However, with both of them I absolutely hate it when we lose...the sadness and sense of failure that's shown in there eyes is just too much to bare 😍

    I really miss the 'Ta da' introductory piece that all of our characters used to make when they made there great entrance onto my board...however, I still Love the game and am desperately waiting for all of the characters to be made available as soft toy replicas...I'd just have to have them ... And the t-shirts too!! Good Luck Everyone xXx @QueenMia ,MyQueen-is there any chance that King will produce extra merchandise like this?? I reallllllllyy hope so 😊

  • kimsweetie22kimsweetie22 Posts: 1

    I love the Yeti...he has helped me win a many of levels. I never dreamt I would ever made it to level 238 so fast...i would not have made it without all my characters. I love them all really. I try my recommended first then I'll try another one until all of them that are available on that level have been played. But I really really LOVE YETI!. Im ready for my next level.........

    . Ready..... Set......Gooooo!

  • ShaafandRaedShaafandRaed Posts: 5

    My favourite is Vampire Tiffi because she is very scary and I like its costume.

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