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ellectra Level 3


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  • I would like to know who are the *enter insult here* who clear these levels for release. Like there is normal greed and then there is candy crush level greed. 6 or 7 of these in every ep. 2nd, harder version of a level 4 weeks ago What we get now This is only marked as hard when in reality it's impossible. 2 more hard ones…
  • 40 gold bars got me half way through the ep. Was hoping to win the 50 gb in the ep race but i keep getting stuck on level after impossible level, so i will win 1 bar instead of the planned 50. One level nedded 35 extra moves and my only ufo. Right now on day 2 playing a "normal" level, with several hard ones still ahead.…
  • I followed someone's advice and waited a while before starting the new levels. All that did is i have fallen behind. Struggled through completing a total of 9 levels all week. Now hopelessly stuck on 12 757, and most tries i am left with 70-80 orders still to collect (out of 111). Looking ahead there are 5 or 6…
  • Yup. I spent 10 gold bars to get the 10 gold bars from choc box only to hit a wall again with the insanity that is 12 655. Waiting until it's fixed because this board is a total joke. Can barely collect the keys in 20 moves. And from comments elsewhere in the community, looks like upcoming levels are just as bad.
  • I needed 2 more levels to complete the gold choc box so went and started the 2nd ep. The only thing that did is that i lost my win streak and ep race since someone obvs completed the ep in like 2 hours and i am stuck on the 2nd level (still 0 boosters in my inventory). This is my best attempt. Level marked as normal btw.
  • I played until i had 35 extra moves, then seleceted all 3 pregame boosters and just barely made it (needed 34 of the 35 moves). If i hadn't had fish drop regularly, i would not have completed it. The next level is easy, to make up for the rest of the ep i assume. Have not started the 2nd episode.
  • It'll have to be for tomorrow, 12 648 had moves reduced from 32 to 21 and it cost me my win streak, my daily lives and the 2 hammers i managed to get from the choc box. No lives, no boosters, and from what i saw of it, no point in even attempting to pass 649 as is. I find it annoying that you need a bazillion attempts at a…
  • Hey @Carol-38 you're right, some of the hard ones were not that hard, some of the normal ones are pure evil. I did need gold bars and a lot of extra moves for 12640 in the end. Not excited about 12 649, sounds like an absolute nightmare. Upcoming episodes show no hard levels but that can't be right, even the feedback for…
  • How are you that far ahead already? The new batch was only released a few hours ago, and my game shows 640, 642 and 643 as nightmare/evil. The first few are ok but i am totally stuck on 12640, have no ufos or hammers, and the youtube videos show players using both those things. Closest i got was like 30-40 jellies left.
  • Also stuck on 12544, which will not be fixed at least until monday. Not a lot of fun being stuck on a level for 3-4 days, then pass a few only to be stuck at the next impossible level for another 3-4 days.
  • Yup. Lost my win streak and stuck here, no point in trying. I have very few starting boosters and they are of limited help anyway. Feel like this one needs the extra 35 moves - possibly more given how completely blocked the board is.
    in 12538 Comment by ellectra September 21
  • 12538 has 18 moves and an almost completely locked board, plus keys to collect and loads of blockers to clear. Needs either fewer blockers or a lot more moves.
  • I still play sometimes but it's not fun any more. No f5, no episode race, too many difficult or downright impossible levels. I don't mind the limited lives since it makes me play even less, but i understand that it is very frustrating for many people. All in all a previously fun game ruined by corporate greed. How much…
  • None of this makes me excited to start the new levels. Same old same old. 20 moves and loads of impossible levels.
  • Stuck on that one too, after being stuck 3 levels lower for 6 days. Most tries i have 70-80 toffees left to collect. Impossible. Hope i don't have to wait another 6 days for a fix.
  • I know. 5 days later and i haven't passed it because i refuse to spend gold bars on 35 extra moves. If you need that many moves to pass, something is wrong with the level. I doubt these things will change, all we can do is stop playing.
  • Echoing what @Michael-6 said - i am a bit over a hundred levels behind, stuck on an impossible level for 4 days now. I play it now and then just for the choc box because the closest i got in those 4 days was...nowhere. Only change is that it's been "upgraded" from evil to nightmarish. It's 12445, with 3 more…
  • Yup there were pages and pages of complaints about this change, almost all deleted now. Can't have that negative feedback...
  • Like i said in the other thread, maybe this will encourage some people to read more, catch up on films, music, go out more (those who can). It is certainly making me cut down on my screen time. The game stopped being fun a while back and there are so many other things to spend our limited time on.
  • I don't know, in a way for me personally it's a good thing. I don't play nearly as much as i used to since most of the levels have become tedious/impossible. Now with limited lives in those few dull/restful hours i find myself reaching for a book instead of for my phone. King is trying to make us all smarter :D

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